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Involving Stakeholders in Innovation

Available at Prezzip.com. The window 3D prezi template. Look through the window to your story. A great parallax effected prezi with a floating island and crisp graphics.

Hilary Sutcliffe

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of Involving Stakeholders in Innovation

Involving stakeholders
in innovation

A 'how to' guide from
Separate elements
Many more templates available at:
The window 3D prezi template. Look through the window to your story. A great parallax effected prezi with a floating island and crisp graphics.
But why
involve people
at all?
Because it helps you innovate more effectively
It's not enough to be inside
just one person's head
Listening, involving,
co-creating with all sorts
of people can
bring better results
Understanding people's values and views
can help anticipate and mitigate social,
environmental and ethical risks
...and help build confidence
and trust in your innovations
Misunderstanding public views can be costly
But excessive caution can be expensive too
How do you know what's relevant unless you look widely?
At what stage should you
involve people in your
innovation process?
As as part of the research phase?
Prior to product development?
During trials?
(blue sky geddit!?)
It's a bit late if it's just
part of marketing
Map your innovation milestones
Consider where stakeholder involvement would help you and them?
"I thought our innovation pathway was so secret
we couldn't possible involve outsiders. I was wrong.
It was the best way of aligning our innovation with people's values and needs & understanding concerns when we could do something about them."

R&D Manager Chemical company
Who to bring along on the road to innovation?
First map the issues...
Vodafone 2010 Sustainability Report
Example here: general issues from
telecoms sector
Detailed map of stakeholders per issue
We love using for this
How to involve
...to purpose
...to stakeholder!
You have a plan
- go do it!
...map issue
Share expertise & insight

Inform and build awareness

Educate & enlighten

Motivate & inspire

Demonstrate transparency

Illustrate accountability
Working with stakeholders means innovations which
work for us all

Was it a success?
...to understand priorities and concerns (both positive and negative) about your research, product development, technology used, its subject or impacts

...explore important societal issues

...consult those who may ultimately benefit or be at risk from its potential applications

...or challenge your assumptions

Purpose for listening?
Collaboration works where partners aim for a shared goal

Partners are equals

Collaborators can be individuals with specific knowledge or expertise, groups, crowds or organisations such as academics, ngos, governments etc

Piggy-back on existing initiatives or develop bespoke arrangements
Purpose for
Purpose for
Purpose for
What you do with stakeholder input

In what ways has their involvement changed your view, your research, your product?

If not, why not? (Look out for those 'cognitive biases'!)

What changes to the research, product spec, manufacturing process, or marketing are now needed?

What will you do next? How will you give feedback to participants on how their opinion shaped your view?
Prioritising stakeholder involvement
What's in it
for them?
Consider carefully the purpose for participants - is it a good use of their valuable time?

Communicate clearly what you are going to do with their input

Tell them how their involvement contributed to your initiative
....to tools
Listening Tools
Research, surveys - qualitative & quantitative
Citizen's panels, Citizen's Juries, workshops, dialogues or focus groups
On-line tools - web scraping, social media analysis, polls, surveys
Working with others - eg NGOs, consumer groups, patient groups, other businesses, academics
Media dialogue, analysis, literature review
Collaboration Tools
Joint venture projects from design stage
Research fulfillment projects
Multiple stakeholder, multi-country initiatives
Citizen research or crowd sourcing projects
Mediation, conflict resolutions, partnership broking skills important
Communications Tools
Your website and product or issue sites - eg publishing health & safety data etc
Open source publishing of research
Marketing initiatives for your approach to Responsible Innovation
Joint venture communications efforts with key partners
Media relations
Cogitation Tools
What you do with stakeholder involvement - the most important of all
Independent evaluation of feedback
Internal deliberations on how innovation pathway may change
Deliberation about changed commitments following stakeholder involvement
Use of communications tools to explain impacts of stakeholder involvement on the organisation
Evaluation - has it achieved its aims?
Build in evaluation from purpose at start of process
Independent evaluators build confidence
Sometimes something that doesn't work as you thought is still a success
Stakeholder involvement is not just a box to be ticked, but a way of innovating more effectively
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