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UELMA Conference 2012

No description

Amanda Porter

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of UELMA Conference 2012

Making the Library the Center of
PLC's and the New Common Core.
UELMA Conference 2012 PLC as a teacher
collaborative planning
commom curriculum
common assessment
data analysis PLC as a Librarian
* Use your leverage of resources to sell the library.
* 3 questions to ask:
1 - What are your upcoming units?
2 -If you could add one element to that unit what would it be? Media, Technology, Cooperative Grouping, a Reading or Writing Component, Research, etc.
3 - Can I help you find any of these elements or come teach with you? Search and Find - One success turns into a DOMINO AFFECT. Get Started Somewhere
Collaborative Unit with an Art Teacher
Student Powerpoints on a Master Artist
Collaboration allowed for small group instruction
Art for the library "In a PLC, the reason teachers are organized into teams,
the reason they are provided with time to work together,
the reason they are asked to focus on certain topics and complete specific tasks, is so that when they return to their classrooms they will possess and utilize an expanded repertoire of skills, strategies, materials, and ideas to impact student achievement in a postivie way."
~ Richard DuFour - Learning By Doing YOU PROVIDE MORE IN THEIR REPERTOIRE!
YOU ARE THE ASSET THE PLC'S NEED FOR MORE SUCCESS How do you become part of that organization?
How do you make a difference in the PLC's of your school? Common Core State Standards for
English Language Arts
* The standards insist that instruction in reading, writing, listening, and language be a shared responsiblity within the school. Part of the motivation behinD the interdisciplinaty approach to literacy promulgated by the Standards is extensive research establishing the need for college and career ready students to be proficient in reading complex informational text independently in a variety of content areas. Distribution of Literary and Informational Passages by Grade in the 2009 NAEP Reading Framework Examples of the Library's Role Implementing
the Common Core
PE Department 7.RIT.8
Health Research Project 7.W.3
Research and Citations with Science 8.W.7
Fact vs Interpretation and Relianble and Un-Reliable Sources (Language Arts)
Historical Fiction and Narrative Writing (History dpt)
CTE Writing Rubric
Powerpoint Instruction (ELL)
Summary vs Paraphrase vs Analysis 8.W.9 LEXILE FRAMEWORK The Lexile Framework at Work
Establish lexiles for every student
Teachers use data to plan curriculum and collaborate
Identify reading material in a student's lexile range
Set a school goal for lexile data Will Everyone Have Enthusiasm about Collaborating.........

Believe with a Passion that YOUR work makes the difference for success in your individual building.

The Library IS the Center of the School and the PLC Movement. "As an administration we set a school wide SMART goal to implement the Language Arts Common Core by having all departments collaborate with the librarian, Mrs. Porter, two times a year. The goal is to imbed reading and writing in their current curriculum. This has been a great success this first year of the plan to see teacher's developiong and enhancing their lessons with literacy as the foundation."
~ Jim Judd, Principal of Rocky Mountain Middle School "The lexile program through the library has helped focus the Language Arts Departments requirement to increase the complexity and rigor of text for students. The program has also helped us examine and discuss in our PLC the level of reading materials we currently use and as we choose new and additional text that will both challenge students and be at appropriate reading levels. In addition, students themselves have been highly motivated to see their Lexile scores increase."
Christine Garloch - Language Arts Teacher at Rcoky Mountain Middle School
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