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What Life Was Like

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Gene Monahan

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of What Life Was Like

What Life Was Like In The 1700's
Clara Fitch
What Did Slaves Eat?
A slave's food was often not appealing, and not enjoyable. Some examples of what slaves ate were corn, some meats, peas, greens and vegetables.
This is an example of what a slaves ate each day.
All slave's clothes weren't fancy in any way. Slaves were only given clothes two times a year, once in the summer and again in the winter.
This was often what slaves wore.
Slaves were forced to work either in fields, or in a house where the plantation owner lives. House slaves are luckier than field slaves. Slaves only got one 15 minute break each day, and worked from sunrise to sunset.
Slaves considered it "hard, grueling work."
Slaves lived in small shacks or cottages with 10-12 people living in them. Most slaves slept on straw, but if you were lucky you slept on a bunk bed, with a couple people in each bed.
What Are Slaves?
Slaves are men, women and children who are owned by another person, such as a plantation owner, who are forced into work and to obey their owner. Slaves are treated very poorly. If slaves do not do what they are told, their punishments could be getting whipped, beaten, hung by their body, getting a body part cut off and torture, by sticking metal in their body. If slaves tried to escape the plantation, planters could put a collar on them with a bell.
In this picture, slaves are getting whipped, which was a common punishment.
What Were Plantation Owners?
Plantation owners, or planters, were white men who owned land, and owned the slaves. Planters were the ones slaves were forced to obey. They often became millionaires because of what the slaves did.

What Did Planters Eat?
Planters had a variety of food to eat. Mostly, they ate big, salted meals, such as meats, fish and vegetables.
What Did Planters Wear?
Planters wore fancy clothes, and had a verity of clothes. For example, planters wore black or gray pants with a blue or gray shirt or sweater.
What Did Slaves Wear?
How Did Slaves Work?
This is what the slave's homes were like.
This is what planters looked like.
This was often their meal.
How Did Planters Work?
Planters worked on the plantation, but no where near the amount of work that the slaves did. The planters take care of the plantation and the the business, also they punished the slaves.
Where Did Planters Stay?
Where Did Slaves Stay?
Planters stayed in large mansions, and could live in comfort, luxury and ease.
How Are Planters And Slaves Similar?
Both planters and slaves live on the same property, and both do work on the plantation. The kind of work they do is different . Slaves do the hard labor. Planters took care of the business issues. Also, they both have to live through the natural disasters and illnesses and diseases.
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