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The Great Gatsby Book Report

Mrs. Andrews Adv. English 10

Megan Hutera

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Book Report

The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby
Nick Carraway
Daisy Buchanan
Jordan Baker
Myrtle and George Wilson
Summer of 1922
Long Island and New York
East Egg
West Egg
Tom Buchanan
Nick Carraway is the narrator
Learn setting and time
Rising Actions:
Famously wealthy
Hosts parties at his gigantic mansion every Saturday night
Tries to win back Daisy
Novel's narrator
More quiet and reserved
Moves to New York to learn the bond business
Lives next to Gatsby in West Egg
Nick's cousin
Gatsby is in love with her
Lives in East Egg
Fakes happiness to mask her sadness
Very powerful and wealthy
Has affair with Mrs. Wilson
Megan Hutera
Nick's romantic interest
Known as pro golfer
Critical and independent
Made aware of Tom's infidelity
Nick attends Gatsby's party
Nick meets and starts to know Gatsby
Gatsby reunites with Daisy at the tea party Nick had set up for them
Falling Actions:
Daisy's rejection to Gatsby
Daisy killing Mrs. Wilson in car hit and run
Gatsby's murder by Mr. Wilsin
Bright and happy in beginning
Turns tense and somber towards the end
Ironic and mistrusting
Money cannot buy you happiness
"The American Dream"
Author's Style
Uses Nick point of view
Foreshadowing and symbolism (subtle)
Focuses a lot on imagery
Mrs. Wilson is having affair with tom
Mr. Wilson owns run-down auto shop
Valley of Ashes
Megan Hutera
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