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jeremy vaske

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Unwind

Family Unwinding is a common custom in our book's society. This was decided in the Heartland War. Unwinding is wear a kid between the ages of 13-18 is taken apart and all their body parts are used for people who need them. The parents are the ones who decide to unwind their kids. Customs Geography The geography doesn't change from today. Citizens know about where they live and its not kept a secret. The general public is allowed to travel like connor's parents are going to the Bahamas after he's going to be unwound. The Unwinds in the camps know their geography but are secluded in remote areas across the United States. Food Food is not really a factor in our book. Food is just like today. It comes from the same places and we get it the same ways. It is plentiful for everybody. Jeremy Vaske
Jack Graham
Josh Haglund
Nate Duchenes Unwind The Graveyard is a symbol of freedom in our book,its
a refuge for unwinds to go to be safe from juvey-cops.
This allows the unwinds to start a new life in the graveyard until they turn 18. Symbolism Band aids are another object that symbolizes destruction but also choice. In the harvest camp Blaine, Mai, and Lev have injected themselves with explosives and when they clap they explode from the vibration. When Lev gets the chance though he has the choice to do it but can't. Term/Words Power For the most part the families are the same as today. Some differences is that the parents aren't as appreciative or loving of their kids as they are today. They are willing to unwind their children as teenagers. Another difference is that some familys have storked children. This is when a mother doesn't want her baby, she can leave it on a doorstep and if that person finds the baby, the baby becomes their property. Also, some families raise some of their children just to be unwound. In this society, they don't strictly keep everyone the same. People have freedom to be who they want, just like we do today. The difference is that if somebody is taking this to the extreme (as in being too wild like Connor) they can be unwound if their parents decide to do so. When you are before the ages of 13 you have more individuality because you don't have to worry about being unwound. Once you reach the ages of 13-18 you are like every other teenager, because you have to be circumspect about your decisions and actions. Individuality/Sameness Physical Appearance History The Heartland War was what decided the reproductive rights in our society which is the factor that makes it a dystopia. It happened years previous to our book. Neither side ended up winning so they came up with a compromise. Their compromise was unwinding and storking. The Bill of Life also symbolizes how a parent can sign away their children and can take away the teens life. It also shows how evil humans can be. The kids in the book wear the same stuff we do today. The operators wear clothing like a surgeon would today. The difference is that some people have body parts that aren't naturally theirs. You wouldn't see that today, even though they still dress the same. Now days there are abortions instead of unwinding Bill of Life- The legislative bill signed after the Heartland war, which makes abortion illegal but makes storking legal and also unwinding. This is very important, because from this edict our book is based on unwinding. The Bill of Life was a compromise between the pro-life side and the pro-choice side to end the war. From this Bill it gave parents the choice to unwind their children and stork them too.
Harvest Camp- This is where many unwinds are sent to be unwound. Every kid fears ending up here. Once a kid knows they will be unwound, a lot of times they will do everything they can to stay away from the Harvest Camp.
Unwinding- This is also known as being in a divided state. They take all their parts and separate them. They store them until somebody needs a part. In our society there are different people who have power. The parents decide if they want to unwind their kids. The Juvey-Cops have power because they take all the unwinds to the harvest camps. They have a lot of authority. The government has power because unwinding was their solution. They provide the harvest camps and decide the reproductive laws.
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