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LFCL/OpNOLA Orientation

2013 for PDPI

Tom Zolot

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of LFCL/OpNOLA Orientation

Oportunidades NOLA
Oportunidades NOLA
Mission: The Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana seeks to improve the social and economic welfare of its members and empower them through educational and social services and an integrated, sustainable community food system.
Oportunidades NOLA
Founded in 2007

1. Create a community-based adult educational and outreach center
2. Identify programmatic needs based on participant assessment.
3. Develop materials, curricula and trained community members
4. Provide an enjoyable and safe learning environment for participants to study
5. Conduct out reach events to engage the community
Volunteer Rights
To work in a healthy and safe environment
To be given accurate and truthful information about our organization
To have a role description and agreed hours of contribution
To be provided with orientation to our organization and the role
To be provided with appropriate training and support
Courses we offer
ESL classes, 4 levels

Plaza Communitaria, Primaria/Secundaria

Computer Literacy

Spanish as Second Language

Calendar-Closed Enrollment
Volunteer Responsibilities
Be reliable
Respect confidentiality
Carry out the specific activities of your position according to the description
Be committed to our agreements
Ask for support you need or questions you have
Be courteous
Value and support other team members
Program of the Latino Farmers Cooperative
What does that mean? Anything is valid. From classes and programs, to document creation, to phone numbers of medical clinics. If they need us we are here.
La Cooperativa
Outreach and Community Center utilizing a programmatic needs based approach - various shifting projects
Closed Enrollment
Trimester System
Classes are 7-9, mostly....
Sense of humor
Don't be shy
Conversation is good, unless the teacher is teaching
Please speak as much English as possible
Be aware of students, feedback about students' understanding is invaluable
Be a floater, don't stay with just one student in a class
Boundaries of Behavior
Dress conservatively, but casually
Limit social encounters to office/class
Report any sexual misconduct immediately
Treat all people with respect and dignity at all times
Do not discriminate
Report any discrimiation immediately
Signing in:
If you want hours, you need to log them!!

When you come in, go to the volunteer board

Sign both: Daily
your Tulane/Loyola/Internship sign in
215 N. Jefferson Davis Pkwy
Duties: Setting up classrooms, refreshments, door duty, cleaning up

-This position must be filled each night there is class.
-Max of 2 volunteers per night
-Each volunteer is expected sign up a minimum of 2 nights, sign up early!!
-The operations manager should arrive early, tasks should begin 30-45 minutes before class.

So what are my first steps?
Sign Volunteer Agreement and
Confidentiality Agreement
Give Tom two nights that will
CONSISTENTLY work by email
Plan transport soon
Role of Service Learners:

We have both the needs of a school and non-profit

Ask us!

Variety and flexibility

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