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No description

julissa guzman

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Fashion

Simplicity is Key
Mission statement
I will show my personality as much as I can through fashion
I am going to be using instagram to show my outfits
I've been told numerous times that people like my outfits, this will be an great advantage because I can inspire them
Most of my friends ask for fashion advice and what to wear
This will help people because I want to inspire them to find their true style

People might put me down on social media for following my dreams

Bethany Mota

Motivates me to work hard towards my goals
Become well-known like her
Have my own clothing line like her

Business Idea
Sincerely Jules

Have my own fashion blog
Be confident in my style like her
Motivates me to consider blogging as a career
Kendall Jenner
It would want to meet her and have a clothing line together, because I like her style outside of her modeling career
Inspires me to be confident in your skin
Show young women to be comfortable in your body and embrace it

I will try to help young teens believe in their dreams
Show them that there will always be a fear of not reaching a goal, but to ignore that part of themselves
Be yourself and show your uniqueness
I will be selling my style
I will try to use all types of clothing and not just well-known brands because, I want to show you can look great without those big names on clothes

What's so special about my fashion?

My personal opinion if you have to show people that you believe in yourself, and you are self-motivated. Show that you are original and independent when it comes to your work. It will motivate your followers, because everyone has a great idea and dream that shouldn't be ignored.

I want to be their for my supporters and make them feel confident to follow their goals. Give opportunities to reach out to me ask questions about outfits.
I will be selling my everyday style. I will be targeting teens to buy my products. Inspire them to show their personality through everyday outfits.
Aspyn Ovard
She's around the same age as me
She's confident
Makes DIY, so she put her own outfits together
I am going to be showing my outfits through Instagram. Encourage my follower or supporters to feel more confident in their own style.
What I will Sell
Hosting events alone will range from $5,000-$20,000.
But popular bloggers yearly salary can reach up to $500,000-$1 million.
Fashion bloggers get a ton of money by partnerships.
It also depends on the amount of audience you have on social media, that can also bring in money.
Popular bloggers can demand up to $50,000 for an appearance for example a store opening
A blogger can charge $5,000 for a single instagram post
I am aiming for a couple hundred followers starting off, and build my way up. I would definitely want more followers in the future and will work to the best of my ability to get there.
Customers will learn about my business by hearing about it on my instagram. I will try to promote my business, and try to partner up with other fashion bloggers to get followers.
I will encourage followers by always being on my social media account, and posting a couple times in a week. This will show my followers that I care about my blog.
Obstacles & Challenges
One challenge that I might come across with fashion blogging is that the clothes I wear are always modest. I don't show that much skin and people might question why or judge.
Another challenge that stands out to me is, I don't like to take pictures of myself that much. So its going to take me awhile to get used to it and to feel confident.
Some challenges that will get in my way I might not even think of today. Its obviously going to take hard work and dedication to show you care about your passion. Going though some challenges will only make you stronger. So I am willing to take a risk and show, its not hard its just a little scary. But I am going to ignore that part and keep moving forward to see where this journey will take me.
Why Should You Invest in me?
The reason why you should invest in me is because, I will always be dedicated and passionate about my work. I am going to be different than most fashion bloggers because, I will be wearing covered clothing that will be trendy. I will show a more modest side to fashion and introduce being a muslim through my fashion.
Bethany Mota gets paid $40,000 per month and has 300 views
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