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Lucía Sergnese

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Autobiography


As many other children’s, my school life began some time after I was born. When I was two years old, I was happily welcomed by San Carlos kindergarten. Unlike my little schoolmates, I was completely excited about being there. While I saw them crying when their parents left them at school in the morning and laughing when the shift finished, I could not succeed in convincing them of letting me stay there more than four short hours.
And so I spent my first year in kindergarten and started the second one at the same school, without many differences.
Perhaps it was because of having been surrounded by books during my whole life that 1997 was the year I learnt both reading and writing by myself.
As my family had moved to another city, when I was four years old I started attending San Joaquín School, where I met the children who would later become my friends. I loved my new school: It was smaller but more beautiful. It had a big colourful playground and a classroom full of toys and games for us to play as much as we wanted to. My first teacher there was Miss Paola, a lovely person with whom we spent the days singing, painting and playing.
From that year onwards, at the end of each year, we would have to perform a song in the English Concert.
A year later, in 1999, I started my last kindergarten year, and the first bilingual one. That year, I received the best news I could have ever received: I would stay three more hours at school learning English, and that was the reason why I would have two different teachers: Miss Sandra and Miss Lorena. I also remember the children having been divided in two different groups: the red class and the light-blue class, to which I belonged.
Primary School
In 2001, I started primary school in first grade "b". I can still remember our families sharing our first schoolday with us. There were a lot of new classmates, and together we discovered that whole new world: the schedule was divided in different subjects, we had short breaks, we could handle money by ourselves and had responsibilities, as little as they were: there were tests and homework. As I enjoyed going to school, I found it easy to have good marks.
My teachers were Miss Silvia and Miss Agustina.
The following year I continued having the same teachers. However, in third grade, as Miss Agustina had quit, another teacher called Miriam replaced her. At that moment I liked her, as well as all of my friends. But nowadays I can notice she was a really bad teacher. Although she was a good person, she couldn't separate her private issues from her school classes: she spent hours crying and talking about her!
In the year 2004, my classmates and I became a little more independent: we no longer had a single teacher but four different Spanish teachers: one for each subject.
My favourite teacher was Ana, of whom the majority of the school students were afraid.
In one special occasion, I suffered a panic attack in the middle of a lesson. I remember her hugging me and calming me down. From that moment on, when she was around, I was never scared of anything.
On June 20th, I pledged allegiance to the Argentinian flag.
In fifth grade, changes continued: English was also divided in different subjects in which we studied specific topics and vocabulary
In 2005 I sat for a bilingual
exam for the first time
At the end of 2006, I had to sit for the school bilingual exams in order to continue with the following period. At first, I didn't trust myself but I finally passed them with an A. I was so happy!
Secondary School
In 2007, I started secondary school. The two different groups had been joined in order to make up an only class. We got on really well and soon became good friends. During that year I met Nancy, the person who inspired me to study the English language.
In 2008, I sat for the PET Exam together with some friends of mine
When I was 14 years old, I continued studying English and sat for the First Certificate Exam.

In fifth year, I sat for by first bilingual
That year I met Ana María, who had become the headmistress and would then become my teacher. She was the best person in the world.
At the beginning of the following year, I had to choose a specialization. There were two options: Economy and Science. The truth was that I had always hated both of them. As the majority of my friends chose the economic branch, so did I.
That was the year in which I sat for the Advanced Certificate Exam.
My fifth secondary year passed by without much excitement nor importance. Because of the decisions the whole group needed to make as regards the following year, it could be said that 2011 was a fighting year.
My last secondary year went by leaving behind a lot of lessons and experiences.
I learnt many useful things as regards my future working life.
I also performed in the English play which is produced every year by the current oldest course. It was a dramatic comedy and its title was Clueless. My character's name was Scarlett Rosebush.
Finally, I sat for several English written and oral exams in order to get the bilingual degree I received at the academic ceremony
I decided I wanted to become a teacher of English.

Currently, I am studying at the teacher training and attending the CPE course.
Lucía Sergnese
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