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Film Case Study

No description

Jeremy Panis

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Film Case Study

Marlon Brando
Head of The Corleone family known as “The Godfather”. He is described as a respectable, humble and a warm loving father/husband. Throughout the film he is feared by the people who know of his powerful status. Also he believes that family is very important to his life without a family a man cannot be a real man. Don Corleone pass down his power to Michael Corleone the youngest son which he tried desperately to get him to be involved in the first.

Micheal Corleone
Michael Corleone is the youngest son. In the beginning of The Godfather he is uninvolved in the Mafia but focuses on pursuing a career in politics. In addition over the course of the film he abandons his dreams into joining the family business and succeeds his father as head of the Corleone family. He is described to have no tolerance, he is seen to be even more powerful, violent and ambitious which he then is successfully rich.

Film Case Study
Bonnie & Clyde
General Facts
: Arthur Penn
Filming Locations
: Triunfo, California
: $2,500,000
Box Office
: $50,700,000 in (USA)
: September 1967
Main Characters
: Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker
Product Company
: Warner Bros
:Young Adults a waitress, Bonnie Parker and criminal who just had been released from prison while Great Depression was still current eventually met up, when Clyde tried to steal Bonnies Mother car. Bonnie is fed up with her job and puts her trust into the criminal for a better life, regardless they both decide to join forces to enjoy a life of crime to make money and have fun. Doing holdups and robberies with a small help from alliances using guns however they do not intend to kill people only use it as superiority for themselves.

Bonnie Clyde
Bonnie attend a local in the suburbs of Dallas, who showed a interest in poetry and literature which she earned her honors for the study. Although she had a dream of becoming a actor but there was no path or other than going through a criminal root. In her second year of high school she fell in love with class mate Roy Thorton she was attracted by his good looks and stylish clothes, later they both quit and got married. Afterwards she deeply fell in love with her husband Clyde Barrow, who then began robbing small business and banks with Clyde.

The Godfather
General Facts
Francis Ford Coppola
Filming Locations
: Staten Island, New York City
: $6,000,000
Box Office
: $245 million
: March 15/24, 1972
Main Characters
: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino.
Product Company
: Paramount Pictures
: The start of the famous trilogy in 1972, the story is about a mafia family, set in the busy streets of New York. As a father prepares for his daughter wedding it becomes clearer that in fact the “family business” is not what it seems. Family values are covered in tail of rivalry and drugs making it one of the most classic crime films ever made.

Kay Adams
Kay Adam was Don Corleone’s girlfriend who eventually turns into his wife. Kay is American who ultimately falls in love with the veteran and winds up to being apart of the Mafia. During the beginning of the film she tries to avoid the Michael’s life he is living daily, and chooses to ignore the fact that violence is always surrounding her. However during the end of the film Michael he posses as a threat to her and her family.

The Godfather is a generational saga, it catches the imagination of the audience because it suggests that the career of a gangster is not so very different from the career of a businessman or a politician, as they face a lot of obstacles to overcome.

A series of mini climaxes all building to the devastating, it was carefully organized and crafted for example building a image of the major characters showing a complex individuals and their backgrounds.

The film was well acted, well written with a epic story line that takes you through themes like love, revenge and betrayal.

Clyde Barrow
Born into a poor family of six siblings, Clyde was a attractive man. He was desired more out of life than the life he had. The Great Depression Era had increased poverty levels and made it hard for people at the bottom to get on top. Love at first sight for Bonnie and Clyde was when his sister had fallen and broke her arm, when he arrived home he found her sister with her friend “Bonnie Parker”, after they spent the whole night talking to each other. Meanwhile Clyde formed a gang terrorizing shops by holdups and burglaries, eventually Bonnie forgot about her real husband and went with Clyde.

General Facts:
Director: Menhaj Huda
Filming Locations: Inner West-London
Budget: £600,000
Box Office: £100,000 (41 Screens)
Released: 3 March 2006
Main Characters: Trife, Alisa, Sam, Jay,
Production Company: Revolver Entertainment
Synopsis: The life of several teenagers in the area of the inner city of West London. It was directed by Menhaj Huda and written by Noel Clarke who also stars in the film and directed the sequel of Adulthood. Majority of the characters in the film are portrayed to generally have bad behavior and violent, as well as being reckless, antisocial young people who commit petty crimes such as theft and serious violence. The film also display how the characters engage in recreational drug taking and some sexual behavior.

Trife (Amel Ameen)
Fifteen year old is the central role of the film as a young black man with responsibilities of managing his street cred at school, intense family pressure to join the criminal underworld and a weirdly awkward relationship with ex girlfriend Alisa who claims to be carrying his child.

Alisa (Red Marell)
She is Trifes ex girlfriend who is having many trouble of her own. She finds out she is pregnant with his baby and therefore she goes through a lot of events and tragedies throughout the film. In the film she is questioned whether or not is she keeping the baby and is starting to realize that she needs Trife back in her life, knowing that Trife is no longer with he. She battles her life to bring him back in her life.

Jay (Adam Deacon)
Jay is one of the closest friends who is always trying or seen to find himself getting into trouble wherever he goes. He is the stereotypical “wannabe gangster”. His personality of stealing girls off others and throwing bottles at shopkeepers indicate and portray the unusual expectation of a teenager.

This film truly reflects the city as today and not how it was in the recent past years which displays the deprived area of some young people, how they live their lives and what they go through. Using soundtracks like the UK hip-hop and grime music gives the feel of a professional production and refers back to the Urban Sound.

A true story of how bad areas can affect the circumstances when having a relationship, the girl is left with his child however the twist of the desperation for money and joining the underworld is a huge risk they would take to survive.

The acting was done to a professional standards especially considering the ages of most of the actors, it made it seem as if they know the teenage characters well enough making it believable . The film was tense, violent and gripping taking on the issues of teenage gang violence.
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