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Computer Project

No description

haidy amr

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Computer Project

Computer Project
to choose
What If
you don't know what to ask for |?
2 second
start with (megabites and gegabits)
3 third
battery life
1 First
step 1
think about the
you are looking for and consider whether the advantages u need are available in the laptop you are going to buy.
what is the difference ?
Certainly the more memory in a laptop PC the better but there are other concerns regarding memory in laptops.
the right
Speed of he memory
The speed of the memory can also make a
in the performance.
When comparing laptops, be sure to check both of these pieces of information to determine how they may impact performance.
There are two ways that the memory speeds can be designated
Speed of the memory
1) The first is by the memory type and its clock rating, like DDR3 1333
DDR3 1600 / PC3-12800
DDR3 1333 / PC3-10600
DDR3 1066 / PC3-8500
DDR2 800 / PC2-6400
DDR3 800 / PC3-6400
DDR2 667 / PC2-5300 or PC2-5400
DDR2 533 / PC2-4200
DDR2 400 / PC2-3200

Fastest to slowest memory types in both formats
2) The other method is by listing the type along with the bandwidth. In the case the same DDR3 1333 memory would be listed as PC3-10600 memory.
1024 MB = 1 GB
search for a laptop with high anf long battery life
Their battery life isn't extraordinarily long and can be frustrating if you want to work without electricity for a long period of time, such as on a plane or sitting at the shore near your vacation cottage
BATTERY life is perhaps the most crucial consideration when picking a laptop
When shopping for a laptop, make sure to pick up the systems with long battery lives

4 fourth
Consider what Operating System?
(OS) you prefer: Linux, Mac OS or Windows
Try out all three types in the store or friends' computers
Even within the same make, keyboards, track pads, etc., can feel very different under your personal touch.
Macs cost more for relatively the same hardware/features. This is a big drawback if you're on a budget.
They are also considered fairly easy to use for the less technically inclined
Windows netbooks/laptops can be quite affordable
There are many options from a number of manufacturers to fit virtually every need or want
A lot depends on the manufacturer so you needto read reviews and other sources for information on how reliable the manufacturer's products are.
Most Linux operating systems are free of charge as are thousands of programs and apps
Linux has virtually no threats from viruses
Linux is the perfect choice for children
WINE is still under active development, so not every program works yet
A program named WINE lets you run many Windows software on Linux systems
If you are inexperienced with computers
buy the type of computer that helpful family members or friends know and will help you with.

Some programs you may need/want are only available for your old OS
Why stay with an OS that doesn't fit you?
Think about the size of laptop that will suit you best
There are three different size/weight ranges for a laptop
desktop replacement
This has a compact size, is light in weight, and is usually suitable for emailing and browsing or light internet usage as their memory is small
This is of medium weight, is still thin and light, and is able to hold a lot of memory
This is larger and heavier, has full features, and tends to be bound for the desk rather than being lugged around in your backpack
What is GHz in a laptop?
GHz stands for GigaHertz.
Giga is approximately 1 billion
Hertz stands for ->Cycles per Second

6 sixth
This is the Frequency Rate of the processor
Please note that "GHz" is NOT the speed of the computer, it's simply the clock of the processor at which it's running
One GHz = 1,000 megahertz (MHz).
at last :)
Set your budget
It's important to know how much your budget is before you start looking or you might be swayed by long-term interest-free sweeteners to purchase something beyond your means.
if you're only after a laptop that can cope with sending emails and browsing the internet
then you will be fine getting a netbook or laptop that doesn't cost a lot.
If you're into playing games online
you'll need to spend more to get a faster graphics card
The GPU is responsible for all the graphics rendering. A faster GPU will make video display smoother and enable advanced desktop enhancements
5 fifth
done by :-
Haidy Amr
Alyazia Makki
Hala Safwan
Ibtissam Mustafa
Omneya Rushdi
Nada Nawaf
Heba awni

thank you very much

the end
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