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Monday 3/14/16

No description

Amy Swanson

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Monday 3/14/16

Do Now: Time
Time is defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole
This week's roots have to do with the end. Today, we'll read through the words and definitions as well as the example sentences.
A o' the W
This week's article will make you feel all icky. It's about things you touch that are covered in germs.
Achieve 3000
Let's talk about mandatory and discretionary spending. In a nutshell, mandatory spending involves the expenses you MUST pay for. Descretionary spending is optional. It might be mandatory for you to purchase lunch each day, but buying a new video game would be a discretionary expense. As part of the federal government's budget, there is a list of mandatory and discretionary expenses. The mandatory expenses, such as social security, require federal funding. Discretionary expenses, however, may or may not receive funding. Mandatory spending accounts for more than 60% of the federal government's annual budget.

You will be reading about a government program that requires discretionary funding: NASA. In order to run its space program, NASA requires billions of dollars in federal funding, which is allocated by the president and Congress and paid for with discretionary funds. As you read, you should pay attention to information about how the government determines its budget and what might happen to a program if its budget is cut.

Lesson Vocabulary
Academic Terms (discipline-specific):
budgetary constraint: all the goods and services that a consumer may purchase within his or her given income
discretionary spending: spending that is optional and not required
mandatory spending: spending on certain programs that is required by existing law
appropriation: legislative authorization of money for a specific use
Cross-Disciplinary Terms:
grumble: to complain in a low voice
revenue: the money a government makes by collecting taxes
Writing Portfolio
1. Review your writing since the beginning of the year.
2. Write your parents a letter letting them know three ways your writing has improved and three things you still want to work on. Tell them three things you want them to notice int he writing we are sending home today.
3. Include the letter with the returned writing assignments in the portfolio. On the signature sheet, write Monday 3/14 as the day the portfolios must be returned.
Do Now: Time
Monday 3/7/16
Write the topic in the upper left-hand corner. Write something you already think feel or believe about the quote in the lower left hand corner.
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