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Chains Theme Project Mriganka Mandal BK-1 4-19-13

1st and Final!

Mriganka Mandal

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Chains Theme Project Mriganka Mandal BK-1 4-19-13

1.Fantastic Mr. Fox (Roald Dahl)
This follows my theme statement because Mr. Fox is brave enough to sneak out at night to get the chickens, turkey, and cider by digging underground tunnels to get to the storehouses. As a result, the underground animals get their food and never have to go hungry again.
2. Warriors- The Power of Three series
This follows my theme statement because Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw are brave enough to go out into the wild by themselves, but then they get in trouble. But, they still learn lots of things and achieve what they wanted.
3. Harry Potter Trilogy

This follows my theme statement because Harry, Ron, and Hermione are brave enough to confront Voldemort and eventually (sorry to spoil the ending) they do end up getting rid of him. Ending Quotes Stated: 1.Viva la Vida (Coldplay)
2.Never say Never (Justin Bieber and Jaiden Smith)
3.Try (Pink)
4. Jai Ho (Pussycat Dolls)
5. The Climb: (Miley Cyrus)
6. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) Connections and Explanations In the end, Isabel gets her freedom because she is brave enough to sneak out at night and rescue Curzon from the prison so they can cross the Delaware. This is considered success because Isabel's main objective in the entire book is to get freedom from the Locktons/Finches. Chains Theme Final Project---By: Mriganka Mandal Books with the same theme: Books with the Same Theme: Songs with the same theme: Connection/Explanation from Self to Theme: Songs with the
same theme. Start I thought the theme of Chains was: "Bravery and determination are
for success." "If I opened the gate, I might die of fright. I
leaned my head against the gate. I could not open the gate, but I had to open the gate. This house was not a safe place. I had to get us out. But there was no way to get out, no way to run off an island, no way to run with a little girl. The secret of Madam Lockton's wooden chest was all I had. Watch over me, Mama. I opened the latch, slipped out the gate and ran." (Isabel)-Pg 64

This quote supports my theme because it it saying that Isabel was brave enough to trust her judgement to go sneaking out in the night, (while putting herself in danger) just to inform Curzon of news that might give her and Ruth liberty. "I am in a position to trade with you, sir." (Isabel)
"What kind of trade?" (Colonel Regan)
"My sister and I were wrongfully taken from Rhode Island. I mean to get us back there."(Isabel)
"You want passage back in exchange for what you know." (Colonel Regan)-Pg 103

I chose this conversation because it shows that Isabel is brave enough to trust Colonel Regan (enough to spy for him), and it shows she will even put her own life on the line to get freedom. I froze at the sideboard. The words of the Bald-headed man came to me. "If the British win, we'll all be free." Could it be so simple? Might the invaders liberate me from this nightmare? Could this be my chance? Madam said something, but I couldn't make out her words. "Yes, ma'am.", I mumbled, my hands doing the work of a slave, my mind racing free. I will run and join the British. The thought washed over me like a river, sweeping away the dead bees that had filled my brainpan with confusion. The answers tumbled one after another. They'd grant me freedom and give me work. I'd save my money and make my way to Nevis and rescue Ruth. Plain, simple, and true." (Isabel)
This quote supports my theme because it shows that Isabel is brave enough to think of (and carry out eventually) of getting freedom from the British even though the Lockton's are loyalists and could punish her heavily. Science Fair- All of my other team members had dropped out, and I wanted to do so too, but I was afraid that might ruin my reputation. So, I was brave enough to enter, and sure enough, I won an award. The explanation for this is that I was brave to join and as a result, I achieved success (an award). 4-19-13 Connection/ Explanation from World to Theme: Jamestown Settlement-Three ships (the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery) sponsored by the Virginia Company of London, left from London, England on Dec. 20, 1606 carrying 105 men and boys, plus 39 sailors. The expedition was led by Christopher Newport, and the trio of ships arrived on May 14Th, 1607. The explanation for this is that the people that were brave enough to depart on this voyage despite the numerous hardships, succeeded in creating England's first permanent settlement. These multiplied into cities, and caused the British colonies to blossom in the New World. Thanks to :
1. youtube.com
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