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nordBEC 2011 for RM Lund

RM Lund nordBEC presentation


on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of nordBEC 2011 for RM Lund

..till 12th of April!! It's gonna be Legen. Wait for it... nordBEC 2011 Main Organizers LBG TRONDHEIM nordBEC
in Trondheim Dates: 12-16 April 2011
Expected number of participants: 64 (with organizers reaching 101 people in total!)
Participating LBGs: 8 out of 10 in the Nordic Region
Accomodation: Football Club :)
Competitions venue: University FR Realistic Budget: 100 000 NOK
One Gold sponsors confirmed:
Schlumberger 50 000 NOK and TD task!
Grant: Nordbuk - Nordic Children's and Youth Committee - 60 000 DKK PR and VI PR pesponsiblity division: Media & Design
Awesome website Topics 2 Case Studies and 2 Team Designs
7h of CSs + 10h of TDs + 13h of presentations = 30 hours of the COMPETITION!
6 hours long TD developed together with Schlumberger
Rest of the tasks provided by the nordBEC Topic Team coreTEAM Fernanda Coordinator LBG Copenhagen Mateusz FR LBG Gdańsk Wojciech Topic LBG Copenhagen Edda Secretary LBG Tampere Kourosh Media LBG Lund Fredrik Design LBG Tokyo Further steps Small details lefts Steps taken SIM in Helsinki in January gave a shape to this event :)
To much stuff to discuss but we did it well :)
History 2nd time in history Nordic REC will happen
2.5 years from the first idea to the succesful first edition in Copenhagen this year
event united, reborn and strengthened the region!
they were good - we will be even better! www.nordBEC.com T-shirts ordered
and PR materials ready BUDGET SECURED! BE THERE
and ROCK IT! WE DID A LOT LBG Stockholm LBG Stockholm Dias Gastón 'Everything's gonna be alright' 'We took care of that already'
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