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Here's my Prezi on how to make a good YouTube channel.

Chandler Butcher

on 5 October 2013

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Here's How...
Phase 2
Phase 3
To make a good YouTube account, you have to have good resources, ideas, and have fun!

Popular genres of videos:

( You don't have to use on of these. They are mainly meant for guidelines )

After you have chosen what you want to produce on your channel, you have to find out how to make them. I will list the different genres of videos and tell you what you will need. Let's begin!
Now, we all know what comedy means. Comedy is meant to make you laugh until you spill your coffee all over yourself.

And here's exactly how to do that:
-Choose a topic that you think people will want to see. Maybe something popular, but also original. If you see a video that you liked and you think your viewers will like, take that general idea, and make it your own!
-Have good props. If you want to make a video about basketball, use your or your friend's basketball court. If you don't have what you need, improvise!
-Be yourself... or someone else. I understand you will most of the time be acting with this genre, but remember to go for it in your own style. People will like your videos better if you keep within area of what they're used to.
-Be extremely funny. Because comedy isn't comedy when there's no punchline!
On to the next one!
For the past few years, people have been very interested in gaming videos. There's just something about getting footage of yourself getting that no scope headshot, or building that really awesome structure, or blowing up that gas station for no apparent reason.

Here's how to do just that;
-Play something that people will get into. If it's a long term series, or a game playthrough, keep it interesting. And make sure you can get good feedback, to keep your subs active.
-Play something that you see other people are watching and enjoying. ( ex: First Person Shooters are getting a lot of attention! )
-Be yourself. In your videos, use your own personality to speak. Don't try to be someone else.
-Speaking. Most gaming videos you see will have audio of people talking about what they just did in the game. You don't have to have a good mic. Even you regular PC mic is good. If you don't want to talk, just cover it up with some good background music or brainstorm on some ideas of other things to do.
What's Nexts?
Here's a genre that helps everyone! You have always had to google videos if you don't know how to do something.... But what if you were the one telling people how to do it.
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