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Ocean Garbage Environment

This is a prezi that will show you how the trash is invading the ocean and how it's affecting us, as well as the animals

Ocean Protectors

on 5 June 2011

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Transcript of Ocean Garbage Environment

Ocean Garbage Environment: How is this affecting us? Since 1950, a new continent was found in the Pacific Ocean: The Continent of Garbage. This continent is habitated by trash, waste, junk and plastic. As science has discovered, it takes more than a million years for plastic to break down into pieces ant turn into sand. Many animals need the sand but, when sometimes they eat it, it's plastic. So, they die. The trash thrown in the ocean is six times heavier than the ocean. So, The trash is making it impossible for animals living there and humans to swim and navigate. Since more and more trash is being thrown there, the trash is sinking down the ocean. It has already reachend to 30 meters, and is still sinking! Scientists have estimated that aproximately 1,000,000 sea birds die each year for eating plastic. There was a dead bird, once, with 300 plastics in his stomach. Since it's hard for them to digest, they die. Other animals such as turtles eats plastic bags because they get confused with their food. The solution seems easy: not using plastic anymore. That may be the solution, but it isn't. Even though we stop using plastic, we can't reduce the plastic already used. Each time plastics are dissolved, it throws a horrible toxic that may kill animals. RECYCLE Reciclyng you make a better world OTHER WAYS WE CAN HELP IN RECYCLING IS WITH PAPER BAGS, THERE WILL NO MORE BE DEAD ANIMALS BECAUSE OF PLASTIC BAGS. If there were no oceans, would there be life? NO! So if you keep on throwing trash to the oceans, you are going to make the oceans disapear and we are all going to DIE!!! SAVE THE OCEANS! 80% of Earth's life depends on the waves, tides, etc. But, all of this comes from the ocean. The ocean gives us more things than we imagine. Proteins: food, water Energy: light! It purifies our oxygen! Bibliography:
http://blog.greeneventshop.biz/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/ocean-1.jpg This awsome project is made by Lenia Cereceda,
Vero Chan, Alessandra Casabianca The conclution is we need to stop throwing trash in the ocean. We need to think of are actions we do and how will it affect our envoirenment, in a good or bad way. First pour a glass of water into the blender. Coloring our t-shirts :) Materials: Blender 1 or more cups of water; depending on how much paper you have. Cut a whole bunch of recycled paper.
Or, you can use old white paper and color it with your desired markers. Then, pour the recycled papers in the blender with the water. Turn the blender ON and see what happens. Grab a cup and then with a strainer take the water off the paper. THE END :) Hope you enjoied our presentation. You should get a texture of ground beef.
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