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Scuba Diving

No description

Rikul Patel

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Scuba Diving

Venture Deep Under Water Set Up Demonstration Gear Excellence Project By:
Rikul Patel Weight Belt Why scuba divers use them?
Quick release
Rests on your hips Diving With a Suit On Wetsuit Dry suit Used in more warm water Used in colder water BCD put on not as tight keeps your buoyancy stable Air Tank Further down you go, air condenses No tank, no dive Dive with a full tank of air The Octopus Information Console Amount of air Regulator Only way to breath from
Purge button
Main and emergency regulator First Stage Attached to the air tank
Flows air to all four tubes
Without this piece = no scuba diving Other Needed Gear Mask and Snorkel Fins Scuba Diving Hood Boots Gloves Scuba Diving Compass Reason to Scuba Dive Meet new people New experiences and Adventure Having fun Why I Love Scuba Dive The activity is fun
Adventure Thank You Final Check Bruce - BCD
Willis - Weights
Ruins - Release
All - Air
Films - Final good job to your buddy Goals In The Future Do more dives in a year
dive in new places
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