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Guia de estudio

No description

Leslie Corral

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Guia de estudio

Orientación educativa Guía de estudio Attend illness as soon as you know that something is wrong.
Get into a good sleep routine.
Make sure you get regular exercise.
Eat a good diet. °Physical Strategies Stay in touch with you classmates.
Make contac with other people in your school.
Talk to tour teachers in case you have doubts. °SOCIAL STRATEGIES Personal Strategies Notice the good times.
Be open mind.
Think positive.
Use distractions (walk, movies, listening music) Emotional Strategies Motivation Strategies Remind your self why you are here and what you hope to get.
Set goals.
Imagine your self having good grades. You have to be emotionally to be in class.
Learn to listen.
Attend class. Cognitive Strategies STUDY HABITS Don't cram when you study.
Read before class.
Prioritze your task Talk to your teachers.
Join study groups.
Review notes before begining on assigment. Work on the assigment you find the most difficult.
Start to study when planned.
Create your own schedule. Note Tarking.
Be a good lstener.
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