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Frederick McCubbins

No description

Luka Dakovic

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Frederick McCubbins

Master pieces
Frederick had many extraordinary paintings but The best one is called the pioneer, it is a Triptych {pronounced trip-tic}. Frederick only painted Australian landscape, because when he was taking lessons they did them a painting camp outside and that's where he painted lost. Frederick McCubbin painted the Pioneer in a small cottage that he rented in 1886.

How he became famous
Frederick McCubbin
Frederick McCubbin was an artist born in February 25Th 1855 in west of Melbourne. Frederick was 3rd of 8 children he had 4 younger sisters and 3 brothers. Frederick was educated at St Pauls school Melbourne,Swanston street where he was inspired to be a artist. Sadly McCubbin died on the 20Th December 1917 he died of a Asthma attack or pneumonia. He died at the age of 62.
1. Introduction

2. How he became famous

3. Master pieces


5. Bibliography


Frederick McCubbin studied National Gallery of Victoria's school of design, where he met Tom Roberts and they both studied Eugene von Guerard {another famous painter}. Frederick sold his first painting 1880, but after the death of his father, he became responsible for running his family business.
The Pioneer
by Luka
find a pencil on every slide!
quiz time
1. When did Frederick McCubbin sell his first painting?

2. Name both of the master pieces?

3. What did Tom Roberts & Frederick McCubbin study on together?

4. How many pencils were there?

5. (tricky) Frederick was educated at st Pauls school, what street was that?
what I used- computer/museum (in Melbourne) and my Uncle (he knows lots about painters)

This is by Eugene von Guerard
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