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british columbia

No description

nyelah ibrahim

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of british columbia

British columbia this is B.C flag
The winters in B.c Victoria have freezing temperatures and snow lasting from November to March, so full winter wear is necessary for comfort: a heavy coat, a warm hat and gloves or mittens.

Spring and Fall
Spring and fall can often be very warm and pleasant, especially in June and September, this weather is perfict for cloths like dresses, shorts and short-sleeved shirts; however, it is advisable to have sweaters, and a light coat or jacket as well.

Summers are hottest in BC's where temperatures frequently surpass 30°C/86°F. temperatures range from 22 to 28°C/72 to 83°F. Recommended clothing for both regions in summer is the same: shorts, short-sleeved shirts in daytime and sweaters in the evenings.
My geography prezi is about British columbia Victoria=77,538
this is B.c , Victoria's Population in 2008/09.
Victoria has many different land forming processes which Land forming processes include earth movements, erosion, river and marine action and volcanic activity.
land forms Victoria Agriculture in Victoria
Agriculture, Fish and Forestry Career opportunities provided by organizations, agencies, schools, government, institutions and businesses across Victoria, British Columbia. Population: 278,013
Longitude: -83.0165435
Latitude: 42.3000836
Elevation: 183 meter(s)
Time zone: -5.0 (GMT), -4.0 (DST)
Region: Ontario

This is windsor
essex county/Canandas flag Windsor essex county Canada and In Windsor Warm November weather helped boost corn and soybean crops in Lambton County in 2009 beyond expectations, according the Ontario's Agriculture Ministry. and Windsor essex county In Windsor the coldest month is January and the warmest month is July.Winters are generally cold with occasional mild periods. The mean annual temperature is 9.5°C (49°F), amongst the warmest in Canada primarily due to its hot summers.. Some locations in British Columbia have a slightly higher mean annual temperature due to milder winter conditions. this is a map of ontario (windsor) This is Windsors climate graph This is Victorias climate graph Victoria, British Columbia grows things like fruites and veggies. Windsor grows alot of differnt fruites and veggies too. Windsors water drainge is to hudson bay Victorias water drainage is to the pacific ocean Landforms of Canada
in Canada there is alot of farm land and air, soil, water and other natural resources.
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