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A Historic Journey

No description

Amy Elsbury

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of A Historic Journey

A Historic Journey
joined together or united
A naturalist is a person who studies things in nature, especially plants and animals.
Something that is vacant is empty.
Things are diverse when they are different from one another.
To instill means put in or introduce little by little.
My grandmother could instill a love of flowers into everyone she met.
How do your parents try to instill their values in you?
His combined talents include swimming, chess, and painting.
Describe how team sports depend on the combined talents of the individual players.
The naturalist studied penguins in Antarctica.
What might a naturalist study in Indiana?
The house next door was vacant.
How is the word vacant similar to abandoned?
How is it different?
People in our class have diverse interests.
What is a synonym for diverse?
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