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Let's adopt Scrum

Just another scrum prez

Renaud Conti

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Let's adopt Scrum

What is Scrum ? Agile Scrum Product backlog Sprint planning Daily scrum End of sprint Tests What agile is: What agile is not: agile is fun but NOT cool ! Extreme Programming, Kanban, Scrum, ... software development methods lightweight reactive iterative autonomous team product owner
scrum master
developers management Team Story Definition
Initial estimation story point product owner How do we use Scrum ? With Greenhopper ? sprint backlog deadline Goal:

"Why do we do this sprint? Why don't we go in vacation instead?" Priority Velocity definition of "done" story Tasks 3 5 2 collaboration 2 demos pizzas ? Sprint planning scrum moderator stand up meetings task estimation branches Sprints Tests man-day vs story points functional specification sprint name retro TDD Continuous integration Next: QA tests ? Each sprint should at least include one QA round. The QA version will appear in the git repository as a branch with the following convention:
QA-ROUNDNUMBER-NAMEOFTHESPRINT Have a master for each project, the master has to be stable (compilation should “never” fail)
While working in the development, the developers will create branches:
For each release:
BUILD-NAMEOFTHEBUILD Final word Boards Links links between tasks Issues epics tasks sub-tasks stories Rapid board -> Plan Task board story points or time estimation? ranks estimation
time tracking
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