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Deserts Around The World

No description

nina strudwick

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Deserts Around The World

Deserts Around The World
Sonaran Desert-Hot and Dry
Physical description:
warm throughout year, hot in summer
soil is course, rocky or gravely

average precipitation: 1.5-28 cm/ year
rainfall can evaporate before hitting ground

average temperature: -20-25 degrees celsius
Sonaran Desert- Hot and Dry
Plant/Animal life:
cacti such as saguaros and teddy bear chollas
animals such as tarantulas, gila monsters, and scorpions

Environmental Factors:
beautiful scenery attracts people, the new developments take up space
people use water that could be used by plants/animals
Nearctic Realm - Semi Arid
Physical Description:
prickly plants litter the ground
sands can be fine, rocky, or gravely

average precipitation- 2-4cm/year

average temperature-21-27 degrees celsius
can drop to 50 degrees celsius at night

Nearctic Realm-Semi Arid
Plant/Animal life:
mainly spiny or prickly plants such as bur sage, mesquite and cat claw
animals include rabbits, grasshoppers, lizards, and burrowing owls
Environmental factors:
people develop in this area because it can be very beautiful, in the process they take up space and use water that could be used by plants/animals

Greenland- Cold desert
Physical description:
receives moderate amounts of snow year round
average precipitation: 15-26 cm/year
average winter: -2-4 degrees c
average summer:21-26 degrees c
Greenland- Cold Desert
Plant/Animal life:
main plants are deciduous with spiny leaves
animal population density : 14-41 per hectare
animals are mostly burrowing including badger, kit fox, coyotes and deer in the winter
Environmental Factors:
slight changes in climate would affect this area because the animals are cold natured and would not be used to warmer weather
Life in Extreme Environments Life In The Desert, Katherine Lawrence
3 types: Hot+dry, Semi-Arid and Cold(Tundra)
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