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Electronic Marketing MKTG 397

No description

Katie Ramirez

on 10 January 2016

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Transcript of Electronic Marketing MKTG 397

Why is Social Media Important?
1.Consumers use it

2. It's budget-friendly

3. It aids in accomplishing
organizational goals

How is Social Media used in Marketing?
It follows the RACE strategy:
So What is Social Media Marketing?
: the use of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media for marketin, sales, public relations and customer service.

3 Aspects of SMM:
1. Creating Buzz
2. Fan Pages
3. Online Conversations

7 Myths Continued
5. It's new
Busted: Based on marketing principles and tried and true consumer behavior
6. It's too time-consuming
Busted ... sort of: It should take time, but be efficient
7. It's free
Busted: It takes time, money to create content, and consultants to make sure you aren't doing it wrong
How SMM is Different:
Control vs. Contributions

Trust building

Management of two-way communication
7 Myths of SMM
1. It's just a fad
Busted: It's built on community, socialization and word-of-mouth marketing
2. It's just for the young
Busted: Older users are the fastest growing demographic
3. No return on SMM
Busted: Can measure success in sales, awareness, impressions, etc. using SM evaluation tools
4. It's not right for this business
Busted ... sort of: SMM can work for almost any organization, but just because it's there doesnt mean you should use it.
Electronic Marketing MKTG 397
Commonly Used Social Media Platforms:
The Numbers Don't Lie
3 Ways to Maximize Your SMM Time:
1. Look for underutilized employees
who you trust

2. Use content management tools like HootSuite, TweetDeck or CoTweet

3. Publish content with mobile devices
Successful SM Marketer:
Technical Skills:
basic computer skills and proficiency with search engines
coding and graphic design
typing skills
use of outside tech
Personal Attributes:
personable and able to make conversation anywhere
a connector
good listener
diverse vocabulary
creativity and passion
So Who's Doing it Right?
Humanizing a Brand
Customer Support
Increasing Traffic
Brand Recognition
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