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Ramadan Soccer Schools Tournament

No description

Amir Nashaat

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Ramadan Soccer Schools Tournament

• 1st place: journey to final match in
FIFA Club World Cup full paid.

• 2nd place: 20,000 cash.

• 3rd place: 10,000 cash.

• Awards for best player, best ethics, best scorer and best goalkeeper.

• Scout Agencies will be there as well, looking for the next generation of stars.

Group is a multiple projects company, pleased to present its Ramadan Schools Soccer Tournament (RSST),under the supervision of the Egyptions Ministry of Education
This tournament is for youths, to give them the opportunity to be recognized and encouraged for their sportive skills and abilities. Participants are students from different Cairo located Schools, coming over to show off their talents.
Ramadan Schools Soccer Tournament
We would like to announce that we are lucky to co-operate with the former Egyptian national team head coach

Captain Hassan Shehata
, who will be hosted as our guest of honor to deliver the awards to the winning teams.
Thank You

Benefit Package
• Booth availability for the whole period of the RSST matches.
• Availability for distributing (sampling- sales) company’s products.
• 15 Flags around court fence.
• 1500 flyer with company logo.
• 6 side track banners.
• Company logo will be print on the organization team uniform.
• Company logo will be print on the players uniform.
• Company logo will be print on the stage.
• Any printed papers (score sheet, tables, daily reports and statistics)
will be print with the company logo.
• Professional photographer for the whole event duration. .
• All of the media interviews will broadcast with sponsor logo.
• 300 back bag and 300 Bracelet as giveaways with the company logo.
• 300 balloon with the company logo.
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