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on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Network

Green Company Network Solution
Written and Presented by :
Joseph Reyes

Employee Numbers

Employee's – 1737 total
New York – 289
Austin – 256
Seattle – 187
China - 895
Retail Centers - 110
Network Idea
The most important thing is that as a Network Manager I learn from my previous mistakes, during this setup I will only install each operating system once across each branch. Not work station nor server will have a reinstallation, so all network details will be final.
Thank you for listening
I divided the use of each branch according to their employee population and assigned them printers based on the final results. There should an equal amount of printers in each branch, also one printer per retail store. I believe that should be enough to suit all requirements.
Branch In
New York – 5 Executives, 56 IT employees, 62 Financial employees, 32 Business Operations employees, 13 Facilities Specialists, 2 Attorneys, 13 Human Resources employees, 24 Customer Service employees, and 82 Marketing and Salespersons.

Austin – 256 employees

Seattle – 187 employees

China – 895 employees

Retail - 187 employees

New York as the domain server that contains “greenbattery.com”, and thus the center of the network
New York branch has the most need to acquire information from the other locations so having the server storage located there will make it much easier to access on the network
Each main branch has to have their own servers for storage however, and also a DHCP server to allow automatic IP addressing across the many work stations
Optiplex 3020 Desktop

Cost : 379

Microsoft Office/Excel

Infrastructure Costs: fail
Server Details
HP ProLiant ML115 G5 Server
Each server is has a different role, but there are 3 Storage
1 Web Server
4 DHCP Servers
4 SQL Servers
3 Storage Servers

As Network Manager preference, I would choose Windows Server 2012 as the operating system across all of the Servers.

Cash Registers
Sharp XEA107 Entry Level Cash Register with LED Display
Learning from Past Mistakes
My previous network professor Donahue is to thank for the lesson of what happens when you reinstall an operating systems multiple times on a hard drive.
The Branch Managers of each Major location will be assigned a custom work station with the following qualifications, to ensure study work from the director head.

Core i7-920 Quad 2.67GHz Intel CPUs / 6GB RAM / 60+ GB HDD space
Desktop Spefications
The company website being given to us as "greenbattery.com" means that our company has a domain name we must protect as Network Manager. What that means in terms of job work is that each user/employee across the company must have their own account in the network to access the site's resources & we must create each one.
Budget Constraints
The branches do not equally contain the same amount of employees, and it is instantly apparent that a large amount of funding and work will be given to the Chinese department.

It is my judgement that for the greater value of the company, the work stations and server selection for the branches be tuned down to suit costs. We should looking into least expensive devices that would still cover needs in their branch.
Cisco VoIP phones(voice over IP) are rather inexpensive when considered over such a large company project. The gains with precision communication gained when using the right model is substantial, and with so many employees spread through different departments it's always important to keep communication tight.
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