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Reminds me of Minecraft

Tyler Lynch

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Holes

Holes Book Talk About the book
-Holes is a 1998 young adults novel written by Louis Sachar

- first published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.(a publishing company

-It won the 1999 U.S. National Book Award for Young People's Literature[1] and the 1999 Newbery Medal for the year's "most distinguished contribution to American literature for children".

-Originally, the book was to be called Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Kid.

-It was adapted into a film by Walt Disney Pictures and released in 2003. The Crew (Stanley's Friends) He is the main character Stanley Yelnats
A.K.A Caveman Hector Zeroni
A.K.A Zero He is Stanley's best friend and a descendent of
Madame Zeroni Theodore Johnson.
A.K.A Armpit He is the self-appointed leader
of the group and one of Stanley's friends Rex Washburn
A.K.A X-ray He has been at the camp the longest of
the group. He is the leader. The weirdest and most violent
person there.He also has acute
paranoia He earned his nickname for
his ability to steal things He often taunts Stanley
about how he writes home
but in the end reveals he cares
about his mother Alan
A.K.A Squid Jose
A.K.A Magnet Ricky
A.K.A Zig-Zag The book has two sequels
-Small Steps (2006)
-Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake (2003) the Author A quote from the book "I'm not stupid, I know everyone thinks I am, I just don't like answering stupid questions." -Zero The setting -The main story is located in Texas at Camp Green Lake
-Elya Yelnats' story is located in Latvia
-Kate and Sam's story is located in Texas at Green Lake In the book holes a young man named Stanley Yelnats is accused of stealing a pair of sneakers.
Not just any sneakers, these sneakers belonged to Clyde "Sweetfeet" livingston whilst
he had donated them to a local charity for auction when they were stolen. Stanley had been walking under an overpass when he was hit in the head with these shoes. He did not steal the sneakers but he decided to keep them and while he was walking home with them the police saw him and arrested him for the theft. The judge convicted Stanley of theft. He was given a choice of jail or Camp Green Lake and he chose camp. Camp Green Lake in Texas was not what he expected it to be. Instead it was a large empty desert . The punishment for Stanley and the other's was to dig one hole each day. The warden at the camp say's they must dig holes everyday to build character, but Stanely knows that's not why they're actually digging. While there Stanley meets some boy's who help him out (they later become friends). Throughout the book Stanley remembers family stories told about his forefather Elya Yelnats after seeking help from a gypsy named Madame Zeroni. After getting advice from the gypsy he agreed to take her up the mountain and sing to her while she drank from the water. When the advice Madame Zeroni gave to Elya didn't help him to get the girl he wanted to marry he was so upset he got on a boat and headed for America. He forgot all about his promise to Madame Zeroni. She had told him that if he did not return for Madame Zeroni his family would be cursed "for always and eternity". Because of this Stanley and his family think that they are cursed.

Stanley became close to Zero and found out that he couldn't read. Zero asked Stanley for reading lessons. At first Stanley said no. But after Stanley was blamed for stealing Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds and was taken to the warden for punishment, he returned to find that Zero had finished digging his hole for him. In return he offered to teach Zero to read. One day while digging Stanley found something interesting. X-ray told him to give it to him because he had been there longer than anyone else, and he deserved a day off from digging. When X-ray gave the item to the warden she ordered everyone to dig twice as much around the area. Stanley kept the actual hole that he found the item in to himself. Stanley thought the item looked like a tube of lip stick with the initials K.B. The boy's all knew the history of "Kissing Kate Barlow". Kate Barlow was a big part of the history of Green Lake.

When Dr. Pendanski found out about the reading lessons he centered out Zero. He asked Zero a question and zero didn't answer him. He said that zero was stupid, but when he asked what D.I.G spelled Zero got angry, smashed him in the head with a shovel and ran away into the desert. The next day Stanley stole the water truck that came to fill there canteens and tried to escape to find Zero but ended up crashing the truck into a hole. Once he crashed the water truck he ran off on foot to look for Zero. After a while he found an abandoned boat named "Mary Lou" and a small figure inside. Underneath the boat he found Zero. Inside the boat the boy's found jar's that were filled with peaches that Zero survived on and called sploosh. They then argued over weither to go back to camp or not. When Zero said he was not going back to camp Stanley noticed a big formation in the rocks that looked like a giant thumb. Stanley then remembered the story of a forefather who was robbed by Kate Barlow and was stranded in the desert with no water or food for sixteen days. When he was found he was half insane and said that he had taken refuge on God's thumb. Stanley saw the same thumb depicted in the story on top of the mountain. He told Zero about it and they decided to travel to the "thumb". On their way up the mountain Zero became too weak and Stanley carried him to the top, while singing the song "if only". When they reached the top they found water and lot's of onion's growing. Once they regained their strength the boy's decided to head back down the mountain to the hole where Stanley had found the tube of lipstick, to look for Kate Barlow's missing treasure. Once they started to dig they found the treasure. The warden, Mr. Sir, and Dr. Pendanski caught them in the act and demanded that they had over the chest. The boy's were then completely surrounded by yellow spotted lizards, but were not bitten. After attempting to wait out the lizard's Stanley found out that his attorney came the other day to release him because he was innocent. After a few more hours his attorney came and found him in that horrible condition and demanded they get him out of there then zero asked Stanley if his last name is his first name backwards and Stanley replied "yes." after that the warden lied and said they stole the chest and tried to run away with it. Clearly angered by this Stanley jumped out of the hole and said that he didn't steal anything but when Zero jumped out and said that it had Stanley's name on it. The warden made up fake excuse's but Stanley's lawyer Ms.Morengo knew that was fake and placed the camp under strict government control and freed Stanley and Zero. They also arrested the warden and her henchmen. When Stanley, Zero, and Stanley's family opened the treasure chest there were a ton of jewel's and cash. Stanley and Zero agreed to split the money. Zero used his money to find his mother. Stanley and Zero became nieghbour's. Camp Green Lake was re-opened as a girls camp. And with the Yelnats family curse being broken Stanley's father finally found the secret to getting rid of foot odor. Summary (LONG) Synopsis In the book Holes, there is
a young boy named Stanley who is poor, overweight, bullied and with the worst of luck. That luck,
a stolen pair of important donated
shoes and the police equals 18 months at camp
Green Lake. Camp Green Lake is a juvenile camp that has no lake and isn't green where each
"camper." is supposed to dig a hole
5 ft deep and 5 ft wide to build character.
In the desert filled with deadly rattlesnakes and
yello spotted lizards, he uncovers the truth about his families curse with his new friend Zero. What will they find? What will become of our friends?

Read to find out - Born March 20th 1954 in East Meadow, New York
- Wrote 20 award winning books
- His first book was Sideway Stories Fr Wayside Schools Rating I give this book 10 out of 10 because
i don't like that many books but this
one i quite enjoyed and i would suggest
reading it over and over again, 2 thumbs up Connection Text to self

After reading this book i tried to go and dig a hole
5ft deep and 5ft wide and gave up at 2ft deep and 1ft wide, point is it is really hard to dig a big hole and i don't want to ever try again. The end

Failure! http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_135484&feature=iv&hd=1&src_vid=CMkx_xAVRuc&v=OdJHn1KFVFw Full movie
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