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Timeline of My Life

By: Aleksandra Bysiek

Aleksandra Dever

on 25 October 2015

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Transcript of Timeline of My Life

10-20 years
Some major events that have taken place during this time were starting and graduating high school and finally going to college!
Starting high school was a big step in my life. I finally was able to take on more responsibilities, starting to pick the classes I wanted to take, finding a group of friends to hang out with, playing tennis in my free time, and doing some community service. All this was significant because I was able to finally become my own person and learn about responsibilities. I was transitioning into a young adult. And as I graduated, I saw all that I had accomplished throughout those four short years.
Going to college was another milestone that I passed. After applying to around fifteen different colleges, I was accepted into the school of my dreams, UCLA. After a year, I decided to major in astronomy, and minor in astrophysics. Never in my life have I felt so free and independent, living and working for myself, and making big decisions by myself.

20-30 years
30-40 years
In my 30's, I finally get a job working at NASA. I am on a team of astronomers, geologists, and physicists working on a project of creating a new satellite similar to the Hubble, that will travel beyond our corner in the Milky Way galaxy. Next, I get married to Ian after 3 years of dating and being together. Finally, I give birth to three beautiful children, two boys and a girl.
When I get my job at NASA, it significantly affects me. I become busier, but in the most positive way possible. I work for several hours a day, doing research and testing equipment, and to me, it is the funnest thing in the world, since I am fulfilling my life's dream. This is a significant event because it is my first real job. I am in charge of myself and my team to create wonders. Every day, I learn new things and new ways to solve the world's problems and to make a mark in history.
When I get married, it is the most magical moment ever. The wedding is held on a beach in California, with roughly 200 guests. The wedding is small and intimate. This is a significant event because I have officially found my partner in life. He is a part of me we have decided to live out the rest of our lives together through the good times and the bad.
Lastly, I give birth to three children. First a two boys, they are Irish twins, and then two years later, a girl. This is a significant event because my partner and I have decided to raise and support three little children and have decided to work together to give them all they will ever need. Also, this event changes me as a person again because I have now become a mother and my husband a father. This allows us to learn what it is like to care for other precious beings as well as learn from them.
80-90 years
0-10 years of age
I was born December 22, 1997 in Krakow, Poland to Edyta and Marcin Bysiek. I was into born to a Catholic, Polish family as an only child.
Timeline of My Life

Aleksandra Bysiek

During my first ten years of living, three major events took place. The first was starting preschool. This was the first time I really started interacting with kids other than my cousins. This helped me build my social skills with others and helped me learn how to play with other people and how to learn with them in a big environment, which would be helpful in preparing me for when I went to elementary school and beyond.
A few years after starting preschool, at age 7, I moved to America. This was a big change in my life since before, I never knew of any home other than the one I had in Poland. This was incredibly significant in my life because I would now be raised based on the American standards, despite coming from a Polish culture. I was no longer influenced by Polish things and traditions as much as I was by American traditions, like Halloween and Thanksgiving.
My last major event during this time span was learning another language. This event was especially difficult for me, because at age 7/8 we are at the end of our critical learning period for learning a language, so although I was able to acquire English smoothly enough because I spoke it in school all day, it did take me a few years to perfect my speaking and writing skills. But it was most significant because acquiring this language was the only way I would be able to succeed in school.

Erik Erikson Stages
1. Trust vs. Mistrust (1 year)
2. Autonomy vs. Doubt and Shame (2-3 years)
3. Initiative vs. guilt (3-6 years)
4. Industry vs. Inferiority (6-12 years)
40-50 years
50-60 years
60-70 years
70-80 years
Erik Erikson stages
1. Industry vs. Inferiority (6-12 years)
2. Identity vs. Role Confusion (13-19 years)
Erik Erikson stage
1. Intimacy vs. Isolation (20-40 years)
During my 20's I finish college and I receive my bachelor's degree from UCLA, I decide to continue with my education, and decide to get my masters in astronomy and astrophysics at the Texas Institute of Technology in Texas. I graduate with high honors. Next, I get my first internship at the Johnson Space Center, where I'm working with many of the best people in science. Finally, I fall in love with the man of my dreams, his name is Ian.
My first major event was continuing on with my education and graduating college with a master's degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics. This event has shaped me into the women I am today. I am confident, well-rounded, and passionate for my love of astronomy. This is a significant event because I followed my passion all throughout college and now that I'm done with school, I perceive things in a whole new perspective, knowing everything that I have learned.
Next, I get my first internship at the Johnson Space Center, specifically working at the control center, helping to monitor and oversee several different missions. This is a significant event in my life because I'm pursuing my career and I'm helping to oversee the advances in science that allow for mankind to understand the world better.
Lastly, I finally meet the man of my dreams. He is tall dark, and handsome, and his name is Ian. We go on a first date, and it seems that we connect well. This is a significant event because I finally connect well with another person on an emotionally deep level, and he makes me feel things I have never felt before. I feel security, love, and compassion.
Erik Erikson Stage
1. Intimacy vs. Isolation (20-40 years)
Erik Erikson Stage
1. Generativity vs. Stagnation (40-50 years)
Erik Erikson stage
Integrity vs. Despair (60-death)
Erik Erikson Stage
Integrity vs. Despair (60-death)
Erik Erikson Stage
Integrity vs. Despair (60-death)
Erik Erikson Stage
Generitvity vs. Stagnation (60-death)
In my 40's I finally get promoted to become the director of NASA, one of the highest positions possible, meaning I call all the shots. I also win the Noble Peace Prize for exceptional work in astronomy and astrophysics.
When I get promoted to directer of NASA, it becomes my biggest achievement since working there. This is a significant event because it represents both my growth as an employee and scientist as well as my leadership skills in leading a group of brilliant minds in the right direction. It is also significant because it shows that I have contributed to science and have added to the expanding knowledge of the universe.
When I win the Nobel Prize, I feel so much pride in myself. This is a significant event because my work and efforts are recognized not just by NASA, but by the whole world. This event is also proof to myself, that hard work pays off and that if you follow your dreams, everything else will come easier in life.

In my 60's I finally decide to retire from working at NASA and my husband retires as well. I finally get to see my children get married, and I renew my vows with my husband.
The moment I retire from NASA, is the moment I know that someone even better than me is able to replace me and lead the future generations. This is a significant event because I'm putting down the telescope and leaving my passion behind for someone else to continue. This is also a significant event because I'm finally moving on with my life and starting a different life in which I no longer work, instead I just try to live.
When my beautiful daughter and two sons all get married, I cry uncontrollably at each wedding. This event is significant because these are the days I watch all of my children marry their partner in life and it is also one of the happiest days of their life. As a mother, my children's happiness is essential to me, so seeing all of them find and marry someone as special to them as my husband is to me, has a great impact on my appreciation of my significant other.
Lastly, my husband and I renew our vows after over 30 years of marriage. All these weddings put me in the mood to renew my vows with my husband. This was significant to me because it was a reminder of why I married him in the first place. It was also a way for us to remember all the memories we have shared and cherished throughout the years.
In my 50's my husband and I decide to see more of the world. We decide to travel to Australia, India, Europe, and Brazil to visit at least every continent. This is a significant event because I finally get a chance to see the world and experience many different cultures. It allows me to rest from working in order to unwind which is essential in order to live a healthy and balanced life.
Also in my 50's I decide to volunteer at an animal rescue shelter. I find this event to be significant because although all my life I've been giving back to science and knowledge, I feel as if I haven't given back to all the animals who can't speak up for themselves when they are in danger or being abused. I find that by doing this, my life has a deeper and bigger purpose, knowing that I'm helping all sorts of creatures live a better life where they can find comfort and security.

My husband and I decide to buy a beach house on the shores of Malibu, California to live for the rest of our lives. I also become a grandmother to my children's children who are now growing up as my children did before them.
Buying a house on the beach has always been my dream. It provides a sense of isolation and openness, being so close to nature. This is a significant event in my life because I am able to surround myself with a peaceful environment. The ocean soothes me, so when I go to bed at night, I can hear the waves crashing against the shore, and when I want to look up at the stars, there is no light pollution to blind them. This is also a significant event because I get to retire in the place I have always wanted to. All my dreams have so far come true.
Becoming a grandmother is also a major event in my life. This is a major event because I will be watching my family grow up once again. Before, I saw my own children grow up and find their paths, and now it starts all over again but with my grand children. It is also significant because there will be that motherly feeling again to take care of the children and provide for them more.
In my final decade of living, my husband dies before me. I am left alone to decide whether I have lived my life to the fullest. I decide that there is one last thing I must do before I die, and that is to convert to Buddhism.
When my husband dies, it feels like a part of me has died as well. Life is so much more different and so much emptier. This is a significant event because I have lost the person who I have spent my entire life with and who knew me better than anyone else and still managed to stay. This event also makes me feel like I am ready to go as well, since he has gone.
However, I decide that before I die, I have one last thing to do. Since I am in good health I travel to China to observe all the monks and finally decide to convert to the religion I always dreamed of practicing. I finally do convert and I live out the rest of my life trying to find peace. This is a significant event in my life because a religion makes up a big portion of who you are and what your beliefs are. Changing religions is a big commitment but it is also a new way to look at life.
After my final years trying to live out my life in peace and harmony through Buddhism, I finally succumbed to nature. Thankfully, I made many friends in China before I died, and they helped me get back to California so I could see my children once more before I joined my husband. In my final moments I was surrounded by my three children and the oldest of their children. The last few days were extremely sad, but swift as well, luckily I died in my sleep.
At my funeral, all of my children spoke and my grand children too. They all said such sweet and nice things about me, how I was a good mother, how I was hard working, and everything they've seen me do. However, at my funeral I wish someone would say, that I lived a good and happy life. I got to experience things most only dream of. I directed a crew of astronauts and lead a team of astronomers, I wont a prize, I filled my time. But most importantly, my dreams came true. I made my dreams a reality.
My proudest moment living was raising three children. I loved being a mother and caring for others. It made me feel like I was very needed in this world and it made me feel happy that I could give my children all they would ever need in life. However, my biggest regret was not converting to Buddhism sooner. I feel like my whole life, I was so busy focusing on everyone and everything else, other than myself. I wish I could have fulfilled my spiritual needs sooner so that I could have had a whole life time to try to reach my harmony. This is not to say that I was not happy with my life. I was happy. I was overjoyed and delighted and satisfied and blessed, even, to have had been able to live the life I did. It brought me so many opportunities and I was able to learn so much and be able to teach others so much too.
My last request, in honor of science and astronomy, is to have my remains cremated, and extracted into space, so that I can become a part again, of what we are made of it.
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