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chocolate covered strawberries desert

No description

brianna mayo

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of chocolate covered strawberries desert

_--*FACTS*-_ 1 chocolate covered strawberry = 45-200 calories 1 serving of yogurt burst strawberry cheerios = 120 calories 1 serving of regular cheerios = 100 calories $64.95 for 12 - incredible berries $29.98 for 12 - shari's berries $49.95 for 12 - berry elegance Chocolate dipped strawberries cost Average box of cereal = $1.75 - $3.50 Cheerios is the number 1 brand in America = Loyal Customers 49% of Americans start their day with a bowl of cereal Americans consume about 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate per year Betty Crocker brand already has products with Hershey's chocolate --Brownie Mix Hershey's Triple Chocolate Chunk --Brownie Mix Low Fat Fudge --Brownie Mix Supreme Chocolate Chunk --Brownie Mix Supreme Dark Chocolate --Brownie Mix Supreme Frosted --Brownie Mix Supreme Original --Brownie Mix Supreme Peanut Butter --Brownie Mix Supreme Triple Chunk --Brownie Mix Supreme Ultimate Fudge --Brownie Mix Supreme Walnut --Frosting Rich & Creamy Chocolate --Frosting Rich & Creamy Dark Chocolate --Frosting Rich & Creamy Milk Chocolate --Frosting Rich & Creamy Triple Chocolate Fudge Chip --Frosting Whipped Chocolate --Frosting Whipped Milk Chocolate --Muffin Mix Chocolate Chip --Muffin Mix Double Chocolate
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