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Chris Brown

No description

Andrea Cortes

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Chris Brown

Top ten reasons why Chris Brown is the best male artist alive
10. Chris Brown started his music career at age 15.
Chris Brown is one of the few artists who have started there singing career at such a young age. Chris brown was first found by Hitmission records at age 13. Chris Brown starts recording with this label but later signed with Jive Records at age 15 in 2004. In 2005, Chris recorded his first album "Chris Brown". The album was very successfull selling three million copies worldwide and certified platinum twice. He is one of the only artists who has had so much success at such a young age.

5. Chris Brown's income
Most of Chris Brown's songs have been on the Billboard Top 100. Some songs are Run It!, Yo, Say Goodbye, Kiss Kiss, This Christmas, With You, No Air, Superhuman, I Can Transform Ya, Deuces, Yeah 3x, Turn Up the Music, Fine China, Don't Think They Know, etc. . .
Chris Brown's income is usually 105,000.00 dollars per day. His annual income is about 25 million dollars. With this income he has bought lots of luxury things such as a a Lamborghini to his lawyer, a mansion of 3 million dollars and another one for 1.5 million dollars.
9. Chris Brown is more than an R&B singer
8. He's won more than 100 awards in total
6. Most his albums are certified platinum
4. He's been named the number one dancer in many occaions
3. He donates to charity
Chris Brown is not only a R&B, pop, and hip-hop artist but he's also an actor. He has acted in lots of movies such as Stomp the Yard, This Christmas, Into the Woods, Blood Rogues, Takers, Think like a Man, Battle of the Year, and Phenom. He's also been on TV shows such as The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody.
Chris Brown has won a total of 109 music and actress awards. He's won many BET awards, Billboard music awards, Soul Train music awards, a Grammy award, and American Music awards. He's also been nominated for 152 other awards but unfortunatley he's lost to other artists like Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake and a few other artists.
7. Social Media Famous
Chris Brown is Twitter and Facebook famous. He has more than 33,000,000 likes on Facebook and on twitter he has about 14,000,000 followers on Twitter. He also has his own team on Twitter which is #Teambreezy. Chris' team has helped him become an internet sensation sharing his Youtube videos and helping him win 3 MTW music video awards.
Three out of five albums are certified platinum or gold. These are the highest rating you can get on an album and is also like an award to the album. The album Chris Brown was certified platinum twice, Exclusive was certified platinum twice, and F.A.M.E was certified gold.
2. Most his songs have been on the Billboard Top 100
1. He's been listed in the Top 50 R&B singers
Chris Brown started dancing at age 8 and became a dancing sensation and his neighborhood. In an interview he stated that when he was little, he spent half his day watching Michael Jackson videos and imitating Michael Jackson's dance moves. When people started noticing his great dance moves, he was compared to Michael Jackson and Usher.
Chris Brown has donated around 70 to 80 million dollars to charit including the AIDS Project Los Angeles, Aid Still Required, Best Buddies International, Creative Visions Foundation, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Get Schooled Foundation, HomeAgain, Jenesse Center, Red Cross, Stand Up To Cancer, Symphonic Love, and to the Symphonic Love Foundation. He's even helped raise alot of money for the recent typhoon in the Phillipines.

Chris Brown was named number 19 in the Billboard Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop singers. This is a really great honor to any R&B singer because you only get named in this list if you've been on the Billboard's Top 100 more than 20 times and Chris has.
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