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Richmond Park School's

No description

Daniel Cooper

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Richmond Park School's

Richmond Park School's
Global Citizenship
Recycling plastic bottles
for our science models.
Recycling cardboard and other
materials at the recycling plant
in Nantycaws.
Recycling and disposing of mobile phones correctly.
Recycling Christmas cards
at BHS
Using Eco-buttons to save electricity
Increasing the number of recycling bins as a
result of our recycling audit.
Collecting data about current bio-diversity
in the school ground with a view to
attracting more wildlife.
Research into the minibeasts
we wanted to attract to our
school grounds.
We decided to make a bug hotel containing
the necessary materials to attract specific
Here we are building our minibeast hotel.
We've been encouraging the wider school community to reduce their carbon footprint by following these simple steps.
We've been comparing Wales and Lesotho,
looking at artefacts and weather.
We use Twitter to share information
with the school community.
Ntate Tseko from Lesotho has been
teaching us Sesotho.
We've promoted anti-littering
across the school by creating
whole school competitions.
Bryony had her anti-smoking
poster published in an actual
book after winning a competition.
We've been identifying sources
of renewable energy.
We've been going around
all the taps in the school to
check if there are any leaks.
We've reported these to the
caretaker to fix if there has
been wastage.
Children in the Reception class
have been learning about the
Water Cycle.
We've been collecting bottles to
start building our bottle greenhouse.
We use our school newsletters to
keep parents and the wider community
informed about our Eco projects.
We enjoy keeping healthy by playing various sports.
Here we are at the Urdd rugby competition.
We've developed the school
grounds with engaging games
and activities.
We regularly work with parents to
promote a healthy and active
lifestyle both at home and in
We've increased our after school club provision.
We now have 17 after school clubs which promote
healthy living and various sports.
We've increased our lunchtime club provision
by providing more clubs for children to develop
a healthy lifestyle.
Teachers and staff promote healthy living by taking part in team sports with the children.
The Eco council created challenges for each class.

Children used their numeracy skills to
work out our CO2 saving as a result of
our solar panels.
We take part in a range of outdoor
activities at Pendine camp.
We are involved with a range of community partners
to promote healthy living, including QEHS, GO Sport, etc.
We've linked up with a school in Mokhotlong,
Lesotho. Our teachers visit each other at least
once each year to learn and share from each
other's cultures.
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