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how to use a TV remote jake soule

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of how to use a TV remote jake soule

how to use a TV remote
step #1
1. The back should have a little button, if you push it will pop off and the battery port will be visible. Put batteries in the back of the remote and correctly so the batteries are going in the correct direction.
step #2
2. If needed, synchronize, or “sync” the remote to you need it to work with. (Some remote can be compatible with multiple systems).
step #3
3. The main functions, the power, volume, and input are marked as the following. Power is normally marked in red and towards the top. Volume is always marked with a plus for increase and a minus for volume decrease. Input is marked with Input if problems continue visit customer support for more details. Read the FaQs if possible.
(Visit www.getoutsideandoffthe couch.com for more information)
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