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Bus Alert System of Blinds for Easy Navigation

No description

manjunath vb

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of Bus Alert System of Blinds for Easy Navigation

Objective of the project
Existing system
Proposed system
System Requirements
Architecture Diagram
Modules description
The application is to be installed into the android enabled device. To start the application the user needs to press the switch button and once the application is started he has to give the destination input to the device through the voice, further the android enabled device recognizes it and whenever the desired bus arrives at the bus station, the voices alert is to made by the application.
The main aim of this application is to help the blind people as well as normal people to reach the destination using the ANDRIOD device and also to make use of technology like cloud computing to store the data instead of using local server.
Many people use public transportation every day and our application can easily be used with the support of GPS and internet already be enabled on the android phones. Any person who knows his source and the destination can use this application and can reach the destination easily.

U-bus system
Passenger bus alert system for easy navigation of blinds
To overcome the draw backs of existing system we are implementing a new idea of simple alerting application for blinds about arrival and departure of the buses in bus stations.
Blind can easily get the information about the bus to reach the destination, so travelling makes easy to him.
Can travel independent of any persons need.
This app makes the blind person to use android mobile phones.
This app is not only restricted to blind person it also helps the normal people in catching the bus details to reach their destination.

Software Requirements:
Operating System          : Windows95/98/2000/XP.
Application Server       : Tomcat5.0/6.X.
Front End                      : SDK for android.
Script                            : JavaScript.
Server side Script          : Java Server Pages and Servlet.
Database                        : MYSQL

Hardware Requirements:
Processor             : Pentium –III
Speed                 :  1.1 GHz
RAM                    : 512 MB (min)
Hard Disk            : 20 GB
Device : Android enabled mobile phone

Bus Alert System of Blinds for Easy Navigation Using Android
Under the Guidance of:
Mrs. Rajeshwari S. G.

Project Associates
Manjunath V.Baligeri 2KA11CS406
Shridevi C.Neginahal 2KA11CS419
Akshata A.Angadi 2KA11CS400
Omaji R.Koli 2KA11CS408

Client side
Server Side
For the purpose of helping the blinds in catching the bus, an organization must have a database with all the information about bus. We propose a system “BUS ALERT SYSTEM OF BLINDS FOR EASY NAVIGATION USING ANDROID” that gives information about the bus location by that the blind comes to know where the bus is and how much time it may consists to reach him. System consists of a Mobile Application to collect the bus location. A server that receives the input from the client, collects the bus location data with the help of GPS. And a database to save the information collected. The Data from the server is transformed to the user application on android phone that makes an announcement about the destination.
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