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Emanuel Jacques

The Story of the "Shoeshine Boy."

Anna-Lisa Plasa

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Emanuel Jacques

Table of Contents Brief Introduction
The Case
The Investigation
Suspect Profiles
Trial Results
Bibliography Emanuel Jaques The Case CROSSWORD Bibliography Suspect Profiles Saul David Betesh Trial Results The Investigation Kingston Whig-Standard (2002)
Retrieved from: http://cancrime.com/whig.betesh.html OMNI (2012) The Shoeshine Boy
Retrieved from: http://www.omnibc.ca/programming/languagedocs/details.php?id=146 Globe and Mail (1978) Pampered Betesh, other 3 shared interests despite backgrounds
Retrieved from: http://www.xfamily.org/index.php/Globe_and_Mail:_Pampered_Betesh,_other_3_shared_interests_despite_backgrounds
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Retrieved from: http://www.thestar.com/news/obituary/htom/article/107877--william-maloney-75-judge-heard-many-tough-cases Hellbeasts (2011) Saul David Betesh, Josef Woods and Robert Wayne Kribs
Retrieved from: http://www.hellbeasts.com/?p=81 Suspect Profiles Josef Woods Suspect Profiles Suspect Profiles Brief Introduction Robert Wayne Kribs Werner Gruener Appearance: tall and slender
Born in Frankfurt, Germany
He immigrated with his parents to Canada when he was 7, living for about a year in Dryden, Ontario, before moving to British Columbia.
He has a grade 10 education.
Man of few words, quiet type
Worked as a security doorman at Charlie's Angels body rub parlor ACTIVITY TIME!!! On July 28, 1977, twelve-year-old Emanuel Jacques was working on Yonge Street, shining shoes with his brother and best friend when a man asked him if he would like to earn $25 to help him move photographic equipment. Emanuel jumped at the chance since he was trying to earn money to help his family save up for a trip back to Portugal. His parents were Portuguese immigrants to Canada, and were quite poor.
Little did Emanuel know that this supposed act of generosity was actually a trap. The man, known as Saul Betesh had led Emanuel to a run-down apartment that occupied the second floor above a massage parlour and pornographic movie house called Charlie's Angels. (Whig, 2002)
Saul and Emanuel entered through the back, and went into the apartment where three other men were waiting. They forced Emanuel to perform sexual acts, fondled him, took photos of him and finally attempted to inject him with prescription drugs to murder him. This torture lasted for a period of twelve hours, however when the drugs failed the men proceeded to drown him in the kitchen sink.
Once the deed was done, the men wrapped the body in two plastic garbage bags and a plastic curtain, and carried it to the rooftop. They gathered all the lumber and debris they could find and piled it on top of the body. The small boy’s shoe box (containing shoe cleaning materials) was splintered and shoved up a chimney. Appearance: Strong, regular facial features and a tall slim frame
described as a chronic liar, he was an aggressive and vicious child who would take a straight razor to classes at Forest Hill elementary school and threaten his classmates. (Globe and Mail, 1978)
Went for psychiatric treatment, since the age of 5. (Globe and Mail, 1978)
He hated his mother, seeing her as a domineering, nagging woman and had pity for his father, a businessman in the linen trade.
Was 27 when he murdered Emanuel
He admitted that he craved attention, power, and having a feeling of self-importance. He enjoyedhimself the three days when he was in the spotlight as he testified in the witness box. Appearance: Medium height and stocky frame, thick hair, wears brown-framed glasses
had a variety of streetnames, including Crazy Joe, Laser Joe and Mad Scientist. He liked fortune telling, madcap scientific experiments, CB radios and drugs.
He was heavily into drugs since the age of 16
Dropped out of school after Grade 7 and left his family in Sudbury.
Was 27 when he murdered Emanuel
Worked as a security doorman at Charlie's Angels body rub parlor
Parole records showed that Woods had periods of mental instability and paranoia. He experienced auditory and visual hallucinations. Appearance: thin ,6-foot-5, bearded
He was a drifter who criss-crossed the country on freight trains.
Left home when he was 14 after staying in reformatories and a mental institution
He met Mr. Betesh at a homosexual rights' group meeting.
Has a bit of a temper
Both he and Mr. Betesh had common interests in CB radios, war games, and sharing young boys as sexual partners.
Worked as a security doorman at Charlie's Angels body rub parlor
Was 29 when he murdered Emanuel ACROSS
2. What was shoved up the chimney? Shoebox
5. Victim’s first name - Emanuel
6. Age of Victim. - Twelve
7. Last name of the bad guy who lured the boy. - Betesh
8. Betesh was punished with ____(yrs.). - Twenty

9. Kribs was punished with ____ (yrs.).- Twenty-Five

10. The Judge denied Kribs psychiatric treatment at which Ontario Mental Health center? - Penetanguishene

1. Where did they take the boy? (St.) - Yonge

3. Woods was punished with ____ (yrs.). - Eight-teen

4. Woods had periods of mental instability, paranoia and... - hallucinations Answers
Saul David Betesh was found guilty of 1st degree murder with no chance of parole for 20 years. He and Kribs are confined at the medium-security Warkworth Institution near Campbellford, Ontario.

Robert Wayne Kribs pleaded guilty to 1st degree murder. His lawyer, Gordon Goldman, tried to persuade the trial judge to send Kribs to Penetanguishene, a mental hospital for psychiatric treatment.The judge refused the request, and sent Robert Wayne Kribs off to prison for life with no chance of parole for 25 years. He was denied parole in 2002.

Josef Woods was convicted of 2nd degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 18 years. He lasted 25 years in prison before his death in 2003. He’d been denied parole in 1995, 1996, 1998 and 2000.

Gruener was acquitted. They only had enough information to prove he had held open the door of the body-rub parlour to allow Betesh to bring the boy in. A few days after Jaques's disappearance, George Hislop, a well-known gay activist received a phone call from Betesh, who confessed to the murder and told Hislop that Jaques's body had been hidden under a pile of wood on the roof of the building at which he had been abducted. Hislop contacted the Metropolitan Toronto Police and then persuaded Betesh to turn himself in.

On a tipoff from Betesh, three other men — Robert Wayne Kribs, Josef Woods and Werner Gruener— were arrested. According to evidence introduced at trial, Betesh held the boy under water until he drowned while Kribs restrained Jaques's legs. The three were employed as security doormen at Charlie's Angels. On August 1, the police found the sodomized body of Emanuel Jaques on the roof of a sex shop. (OMNI, 2012) At the apartment above the Charlie's Angels massage parlour, the police found the victim’s clothing and of all the photos the killers had took of the rape of Emanuel. Only two managed to turn out. They were of Betesh fondling the naked boy. There was also a myriad of photos of other naked boys as young as 7, many of them tied up.
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