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onechocolate communications

No description

Stacey Jones

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of onechocolate communications

onechocolate communications
Pan-EMEA integrated PR & Social Proposal
about onechocolate
Integrated communications agency
Independent boutique consultancy with deep technology and telecoms experience
Own ‘embrace’ partner network across EMEA
Dynamic, passionate & collaborative teams
Strategic, cutting-edge creativity delivering measurable, tangible results

pan-EMEA expertise
your brief

telecoms/mobile, security, enterprise tech, brand
market overview
Ruckus Wireless is sassy, bold and a
top dog
in the Smart WiFi market

conversations: engagement programme
Smart WiFi for the Synchronised Society
content engine:
LiFi is just for Christmas, WiFi for life
WiFi innovation boosts HetNet growth
GSMA Mobile Economy (Africa); mobilising IoT; Wireless Broadband Alliance: Smart WiFi central to smart cities
Regulations - establishing standards e.g.EC single market
Consumers' mobile data demand growth (Ofcom)
ETNO - digital agenda in telecoms
Unlicensed spectrum
Market consolidation
OTT players
Hotspot 2.0
The classroom of tomorrow - wireless learning
Synchronising smarter education
Telepresence/virtual classrooms
Cloud mobile learning
Augmented reality
Game-based learning (Gamification)
MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)
content engine:
digital: connections
Virtual check-in desks for connected travellers
Say no to mobile payment WiFi woes
Smart WiFi for smarter customer service
Synchronised society: hotel room of the future
Seamless service: WiFi offloading - the facts
"Intelligent" buildings with not so "smart" connections
Military morale boosted by smart WiFi
Synchronising smart landlords
Smart city comments e.g. digital economy investment stories
Business implications of "whimpy WiFi"
Entrepreneurs' WiFi wins
Spring clean your WiFi security
Regulations: the impact on enterprise communications
"4G in the workforce" - the demands of four generations
Workforce of the future
Remote working
BYOD and certificates
Corporate data and mobile devices

Grow Ruckus’ share of voice in “WiFi” across news, social & search (by 20 – 25%) – from #3 to #2 in share of voice in the WiFi space

Build brand equity for Ruckus – content/storytelling, conversations, thought leadership, customer stories

Active influencer relationships with a focus on verticals (education, hospitality, MDU) enterprise, carrier audiences

Have strong KPIs and campaigns that link into traffic, leads and sales

partner programme: foundations
Social Buzz for partners
partner news pipeline
media meet ups
trend pieces on Smart WiFi growth market
Aggressive feature pitching
consider partner awards programme
Ruckus Record
creative thinking
content engine: thought leadership
why onechocolate?
the market
#WiFido on tour
smart synchronised society
social media: conversations & integration
Vertical campaigns
Customer-led proof points
Review all channels and assets
Social Buzz EMEA
Customer engagement
Traffic across channels
Curated content
Event amplification
Consider reviving @RuckusEMEA?
Working closely with SF office
campaign programmes: four pillars
where should we invest?
Part 1:
WiFi Wishlist: Kids of the Millennial generation research
Part 2:
Workforce of the future world record; HQ media & influencers event with social amplification
Part 3:
Pitch packages for local implementation e.g. Le Livre Guinness des Records, GSMA mobile economy (ZA)

Tech, thought leaders, SoV

Example KPIs:
To increase SoV in Smart WiFi market (awareness survey)
Increase mentions of BeamFlex technology by 60%
Generate 75% breakout coverage vs. 25% trade coverage
Increase followers by 50%
Part 1:
Partner with local charities
Part 2:
#WiFido tour - social buzz & video #dogsofinstagram
Part 3:
City and customer roadshow, videos & "WiFi woes" tales
Part 4:
Content: top tips for enterprises, carriers & verticals; ongoing social media posts with dog with local implementation

Tech, customers, SoV

Example KPIs:
Increase website traffic by 50%, 35% search for 'Hotspot 2.0'
Increase followers on Instagram & Twitter by 45%
35% increase in customer mentions in key media
Increase SoV in Smart WiFi market (awareness survey)
Part 1:
Pop-up smart synchronised society: classroom, hotel check-in, restaurant, retailer
Part 2:
Immersive Smart WiFi event

- PR & social
Part 3:
Local rollout (toolkit) e.g. FR: Le Grand Paris
Part 4:
Content pitching - customer story sell in, issues hijacking

Verticals, customers, tech & influencer engagement

Example KPIs:
10+ new relationships with influencers
50% increase in coverage in vertical media
Increase in #WiFi + #Ruckus SoV
why onechocolate?
Pan-EMEA network & coordination
Creativity + strategy
Targeted programmes - verticals & customers
Local expertise
Integration with marketing, sales & business objectives

Thank you!

account management
strategic thinking
industry voices
Sample deliverables in RFP: £10K pcm
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