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Ethnic Conflict in South Sudan

No description

Kailyn Scott

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Ethnic Conflict in South Sudan

The Social, Political, & Economic Contexts that Impacted Recent Outbreaks of Violence
3 categories of groups (Nilotic, Nilo-Hamitic, and South-Western Sudanic groups
Sharing Space leads to confict

Nature of Conflict is Political
Representative Democracy with a Presidential System
Salva Kiir and Riek Machar 2013 Outbreak
Underlying tensions

Many sectors suffering
Food Shortage
Grounds for Peace and Conflict Resolution
Brief History of South Sudan
Civil war between nothern & southern Sudan

War ends with Addis Ababa Peace Agreement

Rebel groups SPLM & SPLA begin 22-year-long,
guerrilla-warfare conflict

Conflict ends Comprehensive Peace Agreement

99% of southern Sudanese vote to separate from Sudan, South Sudan is born on July 9th

Most recent outbreak of violence takes place

A Look into South Sudanese Culture:
Facial Scarification of the Dinka tribe
"Us" vs. "Them" Mentality (In-group/Out-group)
Seek out negative things about the other group
Political Leaders
Identity a large part of self-esteem and pride
Can easily distinguish each other
Where they live is important
History of the Conflict
Primary Actors in the Conflict
Images that Groups
Have of Each Other
The Impact of
Social Identity Theory on the Relationship between Groups
The End!
Feuding groups: Dinka tribe & Nuer tribe
Most recent outbreak of violence: Dec. 13th, 2013
Pres. Salva Kiir (Dinka) & former V.P. Riek Machar (Nuer)
Took office when South Sudan became a country in 2011
Tension between leaders went back 5 years before this
Kiir dismissed Machar from office on July 23rd, 2013
President Salva Kiir
Ex-Vice President Riek Machar
Members of Dinka tribe
Members of Nuer tribe
Dinka & Nuer have long history of conflict
Images are unclear, based in centuries of hatred
Main cause of tension: strain of needing the same resources
Conflict Settlement: the legal compromise of specific issues at a specific time.

Conflict Resolution: transformation of the relationship between conflicting groups that removes the problems that caused the conflict (Burton, 1987).
Grounds for Peace and Conflict Resolution
Coming to terms on a peace treaty
With international aid, coming together to rebuild damaged infrastructure essential to their recovery (oil production facilities, schools, farm land, etc...)
Salva Kiir
Riek Machar
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