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Letter of Complaint

No description

Tim Warre

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Letter of Complaint

Letter of Complaint
Task type
Normally you'll be required to write a letter in response to an article or letter. You are writing to express your disapproval. The task will often contain notes that you have to include. Look at the example on the handout.

Specific parts of the letter / article are underlined that you have to respond to.


Find a new way to say the same thing. Look for examples in the model on the handout. How do they rephrase the information?
Paragraph Plan
1. Reason for writing.
2. Respond to 2 of the notes.
3. Respond to the other 2.
4. Politely request action.
Paragraph 1
Using the useful language from the hand out, construct a short paragraph introducing the letter.

I am writing to express my concern about your recent letter regarding our stay at your hostel. I would like to draw your attention to / point out certain inaccuracies.
Paragraph 2 / 3
These paragraphs should deal with all of the points from the task. Use some of the frames below

Firstly, your letter states / claims that ______________.

To begin with, according to your letter_____________.

However, this is simply not the case, _______________ (explanation).

Moreover / Furthermore, the accusation that our students _____________ is simply not true.

I accept that our students made a lot of noise but the reason for this was _____________.

I feel I must also disagree with__________________

I should also like to point out that___________________
Paragraph 4
In this paragraph you should politely request action.

I would appreciate it / be grateful if you would _______

It seems only fair that you should ____________

I trust / very much hope you will ___________

I look forward to receiving your reply.
Rephrasing language from task
Here are some ways to paraphrase the language from the task:

to be extremely noisy - make an awful lot of noise / to be boisterous and overexcited

a number of chairs - several chairs

poor condition - dreadful / awful state

cleaner than when we got there - in a far better state than we found it
Remember :
salutation / signing off conventions.
formal register
no contractions
polite language
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