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Coureurs des Bois

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dalton smitjes

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Coureurs des Bois

New France Presentation
"Les Coureurs des Bois" By: Dalton & Tanner Who were the types of people who lived as "Coureurs des Bois?"

The coureurs des bois were Europeans (mostly men) who were attracted to New France because of the income they would be able to make and the beaver pelts they could trade for. What was the Coureurs des Bois role?

The role of the coureurs des bois was to leave the colony and trade directly with the first nation hunters and trappers. By 1681 the coureurs des bois had to be controlled if they wanted to still make a profit of the beaver skins. What Challenges Did They Encounter?

Some of the challenges that they encountered were: 1 Mosqitoes
2 Weather
3 Enemies
4 Wild Animals 1 Mosqitos

Mosqitos were a challenge to the coureurs des bois because when they were carrying heavy loads and had mosqito bites they would have itched. If they started to scratch they might drop their load and then it would be hard to get going again. 1. Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes were a challenge because they suck your blood and afterwards the bites itch like crazy. Also if the mosquito that bit you carried the West Nile disease then you could end up dying or seriously ill. 2. Weather

The weather was a challenge because in Old France the weather was different than it was in New France. If they never had Winter in France then they would not have packed for it so they may die of hypothermia. 3. Enemies

Enemies were a challenge to the coureurs des bois because they knew the lands more than them and some didn't like them very much so they wouldn't help them. Also if the Iroquois thought they posed a threat to them then they would kill them in order to keep their village safe. 4. Wild Animals

Wild animals were a challenge to the coureurs des bois because some of them were so big and some were poisonous. Venomous snakes were especially dangerous and also bears because of their sheer size and weight. What was life like in New France compared to Old France?

Old France New France
Often was men wanting to Men were now able to
escape the boring daily run free in the woods
routine of New France. hunting animals. What were the advantages of going to New France compared to Old France?

Some advantages were:
-Good pay
-Travel Opportunity
-Lots of Benefits
- Surplus of Food What was the disadvantages of going to New France compared to Old France?

Some disadvantages were:
-They had to carry their heavy canoes from lake to lake.
-Mosquitoes drove many men into insanity. Interesting Facts:
-Coureurs des Bois means runners of the woods.
-One third of the able men in the colony were coureurs des bois.
-The first ever Coureur de Bois was Étienne Brûlé.
-The average meal was deer meat, corn, and beans.
-Some men traveled over 2000km away from their home. Sources we used to get our information:

-Pearson Canadian History by Colin Bain
-Canadian Heritage book
-canadiana.ca Sources:
Canadian History
Canadian Heritage
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