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Relevance of Projects in a Classroom- Lesson 1

Projects & Planning Lesson 1

Luciana Pacheco

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Relevance of Projects in a Classroom- Lesson 1

Planning & Projects
Luciana Pacheco
Lesson 1

The relevance of projects in a classroom
*Studies indicate that democratic societies are more likely to flourish when citizens seek an in-depth understanding of complex issues they must address and about which they must make choices and decisions.
Learning & Teaching
provide them with real world experiences.
critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.
integrate technology as a tool to achieving purposes
improve research skills, field work, surveys, interview, consultations, observations and experience.
cross-curricular connections: integrate content knowledge from a variety of discipline.
Jerome Bruner
Reading 1 Lesson 1
Sense of Purpose
Students assume responsibilities
in the projects.

select the level of challenge.
choose the length of time invested.
choose the level of elaboration.
work with partners or alone.
Constructivist based framework
all children want to learn
school as real life, and not an unrelated sphere
teacher facilitate and guide the process
respect the diversity
teaching and learning are interactive processes
Attempt to engage the " whole child " through the project approach.
Other kinds of learning experiences
story time
free play
journal keeping
subject specific workbooks
*Systematic Instructions: the students acquire the skills.

*Project Work: students apply the skill in meaninful real life contexts.

(Silvia Chard)
Systematic Instruction
& Project Work
Self Esteem
An optimum level of self esteem has been associated with achievement. On the one hand, self esteem is learned in a social context. On the other, self esteem develops as people appreciate the value of their own efforts as they develop, strive for, and realize personal life goals.
thank you!
Luciana Pacheco
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