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The Story of My Life

No description

Zora VanCamp

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of The Story of My Life

Surprising Phone Call
4th Grade
Life of 2006
Ouch! Guess what? We have just left our house for sparring and guess what. Surprisingly we just had an head on crash! It sent us flying down the road into the left side of the ditch.
May of 2015
Born & Adopted
Life Begins Now
I think yasss!
I was born on May 17th of 2002. I grew up a little bit of my life in China as an orphan for 9 months. At 9 months I got adopted by my lovely parents.
As 2012 of May came around, we headed to California right after we got out of school that day. I was so happy because it was on my birthday. We went to Disneyland and got to see some of our family relatives. We went to Disneyland not just once but twice.
The Story of Zora VanCamp
One morning surprisingly my parents got a phone call from Texas wanting to know if we wanted to adopt a kid. They said "yes" and was down to get her the next day. Today her name is Kendalan.
School has arrived! It's the beginning of 4th grade. It was the best year ever. I couldn't be more blessed to have such an incredible teacher.
Year of 2015
Developing in Life
Okay, so right now I'm in 7th grade. I'm still growing up. Also, its track season and I'm in hurdles, 4 by 100, and the 800 meter run. This is my first time going out for track.
September of 2014
Relationship? I think yasss!
Right about 5 days until October of 2014, guess what?9/26/14! Its been the best months of my life with this turd. I love yew.
May of 2012
Kentucky Bound!
Oh my gerd! Right before school started, guess what? I went down to Kentucky for a week and it was AMAZINGG!! I got to see some of my family relatives.
October of 2013
School Begins
Receiving a New Belt!
Receiving our red belt was hard. It's hard trying to have the patience you need to test. It takes like about 3 to 4 years just to become a black belt.
Loving Life
Being able to see your cousin from miles away is the best feeling ever.
Life in High School
Life After Graduation
Life in 20 Years
Eww, To Old!
I think my life in High School will be okay. Like it depends on what will happen when that time comes.
After graduation, I'm going to go to college. I'm thinking about going to KY or KU. Going to KY will be nice because I will have a free place to stay.
Eww, I can't even think about my life in 20 years. It's probably going to be crazy. I might be living on a island or maybe even on top of a roof.
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