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Tri-State Transit Conference 2015 - Performance Based Planning

Panel on Performance Based Planning at the 2015 Tri-State Transit Conference. Panelist: Natallia Leuchanka, Strafford Regional Planning Commission. September 9, 2015.

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Transcript of Tri-State Transit Conference 2015 - Performance Based Planning

MPO Approach to Transportation Performance Based Planning in New Hampshire
The Collaborative
DOTs establish targets within 1 yr after Rulemaking
MPOs establish targets within 180 days after DOTs



MAP-21 requirement to track national performance measures & set targets within 7 National Goals
DOTs and MPOs

“[MPOs]…, in cooperation with the State and public transportation operators, shall develop long-range transportation plans and transportation improvement programs through a performance-driven, outcome-based approach to planning.” 23 USC Section 134(c)(1); 49 USC Section 5303(c)(1).
So how are the MPOs in New Hampshire approaching this???
The NH MPO Strategy
Trend Analysis, Target Setting, Strategy Development

Top 10
Project Prioritization & Programming
Specific applications of performance measures and PBP
Top 10
Data & Modeling Accuracy, Reliability, & Limitations
Data Availability
Data Collection, Processing, & Maintenance
Data Updates & Frequency
barriers / concerns / challenges
Assess YOUR situation
Priorities, needs, stakeholders, resources, mandates, context, etc.
Panelist: Natallia Leuchanka
Tri-State Transit Conference
Panel on Performance Based Planning
Mill Falls, Lake Meredith, NH
September 9, 2015

Interagency Performance Based Planning WorkGroup
Establish a common framework
Develop an interagency list of measures
Share resources
Conduct a qualitative stakeholder assessment
Seek $$$ (SHRP2)
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
Qualitative Stakeholder & Context Assessment
Evaluation Criteria
Measure Selection
Methodology Assessment
Measure Calculation
groups / agencies / organizations
interviews and/or group discussions
Strengthened Partnerships &
Increased Transparency & Accountability
Cross Agency Consistency
Identify Flaws in Current System
Influence Funding & Investment
Self Evaluation
Communication & Public Engagement
Identify Areas of Needs & Gaps
Redirect Resources
Understanding & Ensuring Relevancy to NH Scales - State, MPOs, Rural RPCs, & Municipalities
Effective Communication, Education, & Outreach
Funding & Investments
Breaking Political & Bureaucratic Barriers
Adapting Measures & PBP Framework to Regional Nuances & Needs
Public Perception
Control-Influence Over Measure Outcomes & Trends
State Support & Understanding of Regional or Contextual Reality
Data & Calculation Related
Collaboration & Partnerships
Reach out to your stakeholders
Establish TWO-WAY communication.
Collaborate with partners
Build relationships and work together (power in numbers).
Thank you!
For more information:
Natallia Leuchanka
Strafford Regional Planning Commission
150 Wakefield St., Suite 12
Rochester, NH
Work within your means
SMART and feasible measures
Consider your agency's resources, time, staff, etc. needed to collect & analyze data.
Know your audience
Develop measures that are meaningful and understandable.
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