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Working with Food Guides

No description

Ms. Klodt

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Working with Food Guides

Working with Food Guides
Who creates the Food Guide Recommendations?
Based on RDAs
goal is to make healthy eating easy and accessible
Suggestions are from doctors/nurses, dieticians, teachers, the food industry
Are any of these conflicts of interest?
Health Canada (a government agency) makes the final decision about what to include.
Food Guides
The government`s goal is to make the food guide accessible to all people living in Canada
Available in many languages
Also available for First Nations
Many types of food from around the world
Available online, include personalized guides
Regulating Food in Canada
Goal is to help consumers choose healthy foods
covers how food is made and how is it advertised/marketed
changing, depending on new nutritional information
Food companies must follow recommendations
Trans Fat Recommendations
Trans fats damage our health
linked to diabetes and heart disease
Companies must limit the amount of trans fat in their foods
not law, just recommendation
Is this an appropriate way to deal with trans fats?
School Nutrition Policies
Nutrition is particularly important in young bodies.
well nourished students do better in school
particularly important for impoverished studnets
Often, snacks and food in schools are unhealthy
vending machines, pop, snack food
Some provinces are enacting guidelines to ensure health eating in young people
In your notes, write down some of the rules found on pg. 60.
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