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Christmas Around the World

No description

Guillermo Arellano

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Christmas Around the World

Christmas in Argentina
In Argentina, Christmas is a very religious holiday.Since most of the people in Argentina are catholic, they also celebrate advent.They celebrate the birth of Jesus rather than Santa Claus coming, and most of their celebration is on Christmas Eve. After their diner, they light fireworks for the children.
Globos are paper balloons that are lit up and let into the night sky.They are beautiful and a very unique tradition.They are as important as the Christmas tree.

There are similarities and differences between our traditions and Argentina's traditions. For example, on an Argentina Christmas tree there are white cotton balls to signify snow and on an American Christmas tree there isn't. Also in Argentina they use white and red rather than red, white, and green.Since Argentina has a very religious Christmas,most families show nativity scenes.
Christmas Traditions
The Santa in Argentina is called Papai Noel. Papai Noel is just like our Santa Claus. The children send letters that ask for gifts. Since Argentina is a very religious country, only a littleamount of children anticipate his arrival.
Argentina's Santa
Unlike the United States, only some of the kids wait for Papa Noel, or Santa. The other ones wait for the Magi, or three kings, because they are very religious. They leave hay and water for their horses instead of cookies and milk for Santa Claus.The kids also leave their shoes and they get their presents there.
Three Kings
The Christmas dinner in Argentina is almost like our Thanksgiving dinner. You have roasted turkey, roasted pork, and pan dulce. Most of the people in Argentina have a parrillada. The feast is almost like a barbecue , their feast consist of different kinds of meat. Since Christmas in Argentina is hot during Christmas,they don't feast on warm drinks like hot cocoa.
Things you'll need
rib eyed steak
salt and pepper
grill or fire
You first turn on your grill or start your fire. Then you open your meat and put salt and pepper, or seasoning of your taste. After that, you wait until the flame turns white then you put your meat on there. Finally you just flip the meat like a regular barbecue.
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