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Prezi Campus Ambassador

No description

Holly Cartwright

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Campus Ambassador

H Holly Cartwright NOW Where Hello I am pleasure to meet you Here are some things you should know about me... Who I am currently studying at Skidmore College . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I am going next I here w t Campus Ambassador Skidmore College Dining Services September 2010-May 2011 where I prepped, cooked, and served food to my peers, washed dishes, and bussed tables. AT&T Labs Saratoga Springs, NY Middletown, NJ June 2012-August 2012 "mobility security intern" My main project was to create overview and detailed network diagrams as well as equipment diagrams for the mobility security lab using Microsoft Visio. Skidmore College GIS Lab October 2012-present Saratoga Springs, NY We assist students and faculty with anything related to mapping and geographic information systems. I handle data management for the lab. My biggest project is redesigning the system and protocol we use for dealing with data on our network. Campus Activities member of the Skidmore's only tap dancing group Stompin' Soles member of Skidaiko Skidmore's taiko drumming club member of Skidmore's Yoga Club member of Skidmore's chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon national honorary society in mathematics Skidmore is a small school with a strong sense of community and interdisciplinary interaction That's one of the main reasons I chose to attend Skidmore! so it's easy to get involved with events and programs without holding a traditional position of power. for Skidmore S K I D M O R E WHY ME? FIGURING OUT THE BEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE INFORMATION EFFECTIVELY IS WHAT INTERESTS ME AND COMPLEX SYSTEMS OF IDEAS I ALREADY PROMOTE PREZI I am currently working on a workshop that I will be giving sometime in the next few weeks that introduces Prezi and how to use it! I DAYDREAM ABOUT VIRAL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS I ALREADY WORK CLOSELY WITH THE INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGISTS ON CAMPUS because I work at the GIS Center which is part of the academic technologies department. IT department Academic Technologies GIS Center " " http://prezi.com/our-values/ ACTION PLAN TO "PREZIFY" SKIDMORE Getting the word out Get people using Prezi FIRST 3 STEPS Raise awareness of Prezi on campus by: building social media sites to connect with Encourage people to try it out by: Create Prezi masters NOW I genuinely care about the Skidmore community and I feel that exposing everyone here to ...whether that be in or outside of classes. Prezi will enrich the exchange of ideas on campus... pre-existing Skidmore communities on these sites emailing specific professors I have had whose classes I think could immediately benefit from using Prezi making myself a t-shirt that says: "ask me about Prezi!" Hanging posters around campus... that way when they hear about it again or see someone use it they think: oh yeah so that's what that Prezi thing is... holding introductory workshops on Prezi create a community on campus of Prezi users by: using the social media sites as a hub for other people like myself who are enthusiastic about
Prezi to connect and share ideas hold workshops on how to use the more advanced features of Prezi to make even better presentations provide myself as a resource to contact anytime with a Prezi question I think that the freedom to ask questions and learn new things creates the ideal environment for creativity to thrive I like to explore how things work and how people think of my life the driving force MOST IMPORTANT PREZI VALUE . . . hcartwri@skidmore.edu http://prezi.com/user/hollycartwright/ Saratoga Springs, New York, USA Class of 2014 current GPA: 3.597 majoring in {with plans to pick up a philosophy minor} mathematics curiosity is -an excerpt from my baby book... and it always has been because what makes a great presentation so I love using Prezi and learning about also... and... and because and that's it! Thanks for your consideration!
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