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Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda

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madison alicea

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda

Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda
By Madison Alicea and Maria Horner
Mr. Alcantara
The Church 1A
The first apparition of Mary was on November 28, 1981 in Kibeho,a small site located in the southern part of Rwanda. For this reason, the feast day is November 28th.

Alphonsine Mumureke, who had just been admitted to the Kibeho High School in October, 1981. At the beginning, Alphonsine was viewed as a mad girl, or an unhappy girl possessed by evil. A short time later, two new alleged seers appeared in the high school, one after the other, and in close proximity to Alphonsine: notably Nathalie Mukamazimpaka on January 12, 1982, and Marie Claire Mukangango on March 2, 1982.
Alphonsine Mumureke: After her graduation from theolog
y with a specialization in catechesis in June 2003, she entered the monastery Sainte Claire in Abidjan (Poor Clares). She received the religious habit at the beginning of her novitiate on July 26th, 2004. The temporary religious profession ceremonies took place on July 15th , 2006. The young professed was given the name of “Alphonsine of the Glorious Cross ".

Nathalie Mukamazimpaka:
At the time of the civil war and genocide of 1994, she remained at Kibeho, at the scene of two terrible massacres. She witnessed acts of murder and genocide against innocent people. the Benebikira Sisters had just come back to Kibeho and reopened their convent, the school and the health centre. This encouraged Nathalie to return home after two years of absence. Ever since, she has been continuing her generous work for the Marian shrine and committing herself to praying with the pilgrims. It is often she herself who welcomes individual pilgrims and assists them in anything they need or refers them to the chaplain if necessary

Public devotion was approved on August 15, 1988 by Catholic Bishop Augustin Misago of Gikongora, Rwanda.
Authenticity was declared on June 29, 2001 by the same bishop
This meant the truth of three of the visionaries’ testimonies was confirmed by the church.
Esperence Kampire had an unidentifiable eye ailment that impaired her vision for 15 years before healing.
While visiting Kibeho, she prayed to the Lord, and washed her face in the blessed fountain, whose source is just below the Kibeho chapel.
The next few days, Kampire began to notice a change, and then her ailment healed completely.
On November 28th, 1981, Mary appeared to Alphonsine Mumureke, a student at Kibeho High School, run by the Congregation of Benebikira Sisters (the Daughters of the Blessed Virgin Mary).
Mary appeared as a lady of incomparable beauty, and told Alphonsine that her name was Nyina Wa Jambo, or Mother of the Word.
Two more seers appeared in the high school, Nathalie Mukamazimpaka on January 12, 1982, and Marie Claire Mukangango on March 2, 1982.
In these apparitions, Mary warned the seers of the coming Rwandan Holocaust.
After May 1982, supposed apparitions of Mary, and even Jesus began spreading around the surrounding country very quickly. These sightings have not been approved.
Approving the Apparition
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