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Why should I use Prezi?

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Andrea Caumont

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Why should I use Prezi?

there are a few good reasons... Why should I use Prezi? How is Prezi different? and map complex ideas for your audience The Power Point Way Lacks Focus I'm talking about this first bullet point up here.

Here's the second bullet point.

And the third

You're reading the fourth bullet point, aren't you? Even though I'm still talking about the first one. Let's try that again the Prezi way Here's my first point. And a detail. Here's my 2nd point. And another detail here too. Presenting your information this way helps focus the attention of your audience. Some are evil. Some will clean your house. Some are funny. Prezi lets you present your audience with bite-sized pieces and then step back to show how they are related. Let's talk about robots. Prezi Tips Your Prezi should always... Here's an example... Now you've read the whole slide, but missed the point I was making because you were reading ahead.

You're getting bored, so here's a funny cat picture. Make sense from a distance Your Prezi should never... make your audience sick make sense from a distance make your audience sick zoom and focus the big picture Prezi’s zooming makes presentations Prezi helps you show... and the details. more compelling and dynamic and allows you to focus the audience’s attention on each point organization and structure as you're making it Prezi allows you to organize your content spatially making them easier to remember Prezi makes it easy to incorporate images and video into your presentation... Prezi is a fun tool to explore. Good luck and have fun!
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