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The Underdogs By Mike Lupica

No description

Adam Terrell

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Underdogs By Mike Lupica

The setting is in Forbes, Pensylvania but mostly outdoors because, well, it is a football book:) You mostly get to read about the Football field and how run down it is. You here about that in the beginning by the way. Another place is Will's house. He rarely, in the book, spends time there. Whenever he is there, he is eating, watching SportsCenter on ESPN, or watching a Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Football game with his dad. But all in all, you mainly read about his outdoor life.
Will Tyler- The Main Character and all star Running Back for his Little League Football Team.
Joe Tyler- He is Will's dad. He used to be the all star running back for the Forbes High School Football team until he was hit in the knee so hard that 30 years later it hasn't healed. He is also a single mailman.

There are many more people that aren't so important that are on the football team but one stands out.

Hannah Grayson- She is a tomboy that loves football. She is the kicker for the team even though it was a very hard decision to put her on the team because veryone thout it was weird that a girl wanted to play football.
Point of Veiw
The point of view in this story is Will. So basically it is first person view. I know that its through a person because it tells me what he is thinking and what he does at that exact moment. It doesn't tell me what other people are thinking and not what other people are doing when Will isn't near them.
The Underdogs By Mike Lupica
Presentation by Adam Terrell
The Underdogs was about a kid named Will who loves to play football. He played football at his school for ages until they had to shut it down. The town was getting too poor. So he ended up making his own Football team with the money he got from the business men that took out the town that he lived in which is Forbes, Pensylvania. He has to make many descisions that are tough to make for his team. That and taking care of his disabled dad. He used to be a star running back until he got hit in the knee. Will said it exploded! This book is great for sports fans and has some good surprises:D
Cause and Effect
1. When will told Hannah that she couldn't be on the team because she was a girl, she got all ticked and ran away from him.
2. When will decided she could be on the team, the team was angry at him.
3. When will was running and stepped in a hole, he fell and Hannah laughed at him.
4. When the Steelers won a game, Will and his dad were very happy.
5. When Will tried to convince his dad that Hannah was a good kicker and she came to practice, Will's dad was amazed with what she could do.
Authors Purpose
I think the purpose for the author to wright this book si to entertain us and inform us about the challenges of running a football team and challenges of being a football player. It also shows what sacrifices you have to make to be a successful franchise. It shows this in a slightly humorous way.
The conflict of the story was that the football team in Forbes, Pensylvania, got shut down by the school. So now Will has to figure out how to get the team back while making a good amount of sacrifices.
Main Ideas
Main Idea 1- The entire football team was shutdown due to budget cuts at the school. This made many students angry so will decided to make a new team with new challenges.
2- People have to learn to accept the fact that people will be weird such as Hannah. She is a girl that loves to play football.
3- This book also tells you not to trust giant organisations because they could back out on you instantly.
Important Details
Will is a Running back in football just like his father. Just Will hasn't hurt himself to the extreme yet.
Hannah loves football to death. She is an amazing kicker with a bright future on the team.
Will had to make his football team by getting the money from the business that shutdown the towns businesses. The school shutdown the football team because of budget cuts and they didn't think that football was that important.
When the team was being created, Will had to try and get as many people on the team as possible so they could be a great team. Luckily, he succeeded.
Text and Graphic Features
In the book, I noticed that only a few chapters had cliffhangers. I think that is because that sports books aren't supposed to be about suspence. There were no pictures but you could get a great idea of what it was like to be Will in your mind. I also can imagine the challenges that Will and the team had to overcome while making the team a big success. Especially dealing with injuries. I can tell that Mike loves to write about sports because it is bvery well written. You can basically fell what its like emotionally and physically to play football and have it taken away from you in a blink of an eye.
I infer that Will is a good football player based on his passion and emotional disstress from it being canceled.
I can infer that Tyler, Will's Dad, has gone through a lot. Especially with that knee.
I can infer that Will loves the Steelers because he loves to watch them and he lives close to Pittsburgh.
I infer that Hannah has had a lot of practice kicking based on how far her kick goes and how much strength and agility she puts into it.
Finally, I infer that the new football team assembled by Will was a huge success and someting to invest in because of how well their season is going and how good of players they have. Of course you going to be a bit skepticle at first but when you watch them play, its supposed to change the way you looked at Forbes forever.
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