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Mobile Recruitment

No description

Krithika Dawett

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Mobile Recruitment

Provide management training expertise in align with modern and successful techniques to aid companies in their efficiency, effectiveness and strategic alignment
Within five years time we would have changed the ways businesses tackle the most prominent issues of today and tomorrow by fulfilling our mission, resulting in an existential workplace.
To maximise profits of £72,500 Within our first three years of business

To maximise and sustain revenue

Enhance customer satisfaction

Increase company awareness

Pioneer in the training industry

Provide a healthy working environment

Goals and Objectives

Mobile Recruitment
Marketing plan
Thank You For Listening...
Service Provider

Management Training

Mobile Recruitment

Building your Company Profile

Initial Registration Price: £150
Final Registration Price: £180
Price Per Video after Registration: £150
Additional User Logins: £4
Penetration Pricing Strategy


Our Price
Promotional Strategy

Social Media

Advertisement on Employment Apps
Revenue vs Costs
Break even in month 16.
Total Revenue Year 3:
Total Costs Year 3
: £94,868
Investment needed:

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Competitive price

Low maintenance costs for the website

Large target market
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