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Stericycle Team Member Engagement Survey

No description

Joe Ysidron

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Stericycle Team Member Engagement Survey

Team Member Engagement Survey 2015

Key Definitions
– refers to the level of management/supervisor who coordinates your weekly/daily workload and meets with you for annual reviews and/or performance management plans.
Senior Leadership
– refers to anyone over your manager. This could be a higher level location manager, a business unit director or vice president or the senior leadership team.
Business Unit
– refers to the unit within the business that you work:

Healthcare Compliance Systems
(HCS – Medical Waste) - healthcare customers access to regulated waste disposal, pharmaceutical waste disposal, OSHA , HIPAA, coding and D.O.T.compliance solutions and more.

– recall, retrieval and mystery shopping services.

- Hazardous waste disposal and transportation, retail hazardous waste services, hazardous waste emergency response, pharmaceutical waste disposal, industrial waste services, sustainability.

Communications Solutions
– healthcare and commercial solutions call center services.
Shared Services – departments who provide services to the above business units. This would be teams such as IT, HR, Accounting

– team members in the United Kingdom only.
– refers to the smaller group of co-workers that you generally work closely with on a daily basis.
– there are two kinds of customers. External are those we serve outside of Stericycle. These are our clients who pay for services that we render. Internal are those within the company who we provide service to. Typically shared services departments have the most internal customers but anyone can have an internal customer if a service is needed from you in order to help a co-worker perform their job function.

How will team members receive the information to access the survey?
All Stericycle full and part time team members who have Stericycle email will receive their personal log in ID and password via email from IBM/Kenexa. If you entered a personal email address into Employee Self Service (ADP), you will receive login credentials via your personal email address. Personal login ID and passwords will also be mailed from IBM/Kenexa to the homes of all team members in order to capture those who do not have email. Please watch for an envelope from IBM Logistics.
Example of the envelope containing the survey instructions.
What address?
All addresses were extracted from the ADP (payroll) system in mid-July 2015. If you have moved since then, you will need to call the IBM/Kenexa helpdesk for your login information. They can be reached at 1-855-306-1661 (U.S. toll free) or 1-402-419-5606 (outside the U.S.). You can also contact Lara Morrow on the culture team at lara.morrow@stericycle.com or 817-785-5087.

This letter contains your personal login ID and password.
Last year the login ID was the team members' first initial and last name. How are team members assured that their name is not directly connected to their responses?
IBM/Kenexa was provided with a data file of all Stericycle team members so they could send out information via email and US postal mail. Team members’ responses are categorized within the business unit and location they work. They are not in any way connected back to the results that are provided to anyone at Stericycle. IBM/Kenexa is a reputable third-party professional survey administration company who has policies and procedures in place to protect the identity of survey respondents. All results are bundled into data and responses that in no way are identifiable. Managers with smaller teams of less than 5 team members do not have the capability to see the open ended results of the feedback to protect identity of team members on smaller teams.
What happens if I lose or don’t receive my login ID and password?

Please contact the IBM/Kenexa helpdesk at 1-855-306-1661 (U.S. toll free) or 1-402-419-5606 (outside the U.S.). You can also contact Lara Morrow on the culture team at lara.morrow@stericycle.com or 817-785-5087.

Will there be paper surveys to complete this year?
No paper surveys will be distributed. All surveys will be taken electronically this year.

Can the survey be taken if I don’t have a Stericycle computer?
The survey can be taken from any web based computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access.

Can the survey be started, saved and completed at a later time?
Yes it can. You can start the survey and save it if you don’t have time to complete in one sitting. You can go back and complete the survey as long as it is before the deadline and the survey closes.

Key questions about the survey.
What happens after team members complete the survey?

IBM/Kenexa summarizes the data into reports that are distributed to all senior leaders, managers and supervisors in the company. Themes are identified based on what we are doing well and what we need to do better. Each manager and location develops an action plan based on the feedback. This action plan is managed by the managers, culture ambassadors and culture committees throughout the year. They track accomplishments and success and communicate back to our team members.

What happened as a result of last year’s survey?

The above process was followed. Managers and leaders met frequently to discuss action plans. Action plans and accomplishments were communicated up to the culture team and senior leaders to track progress. While we have room for improvements, we hope you have seen progress since the last survey.

Why do we have a team member engagement survey?

The opinions of all Stericycle team members are very important to us. Our team members are the core of the company. You are the ones who do the job day in and day out so who better knows what improvements need to be made but you. This is the opportunity for all team members to provide feedback on the strengths and opportunities at Stericycle. Your feedback drives positive change in the organization by stimulating meaningful dialogue among leaders and team members about what is working well and what should be improved. These conversations lead to effective action.

What does engagement mean? Why does it matter?

Engagement refers to the connection team members feel towards their jobs and Stericycle as a whole. It goes beyond job satisfaction to reflect how invested you are in the success of your team and the organization. High levels of team member engagement link directly to positive organizational change, including high productivity, retention and cost-efficiency. Most importantly, engaged team members get more out of their work. You have opportunities to do what you do best every day.

Why does the opinion of one person matter?

Everyone’s opinion matters. If no one knows about the problem, then nothing can be done about it. Please be as detailed as you feel comfortable so that leaders know exactly what the feedback is and how to address it. When team members share their opinions, it helps to drive real change.

How many questions are on the survey?

The survey is approximately 60 multiple choice questions long along with 4 open ended questions where you will be provided the opportunity to share your comments on different topics. The questions all tie into the analytics that determine true employee engagement.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey will take approximately thirty (30) minutes to complete.
How long will the survey be open for team members to complete?

The survey will be open from Monday, October 12th – Friday, October 30th.

Is the survey confidential?

Yes. The survey is completely confidential. The distribution and reporting is managed by a third party vendor, IBM/Kenexa. They do not link responses to team members. Managers with teams of 5 direct reports or less do not receive a detailed manager report. They will receive responses for the team the next level up. This protects the confidentiality of team members on smaller teams

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