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Harvard's Green Office Program at ARC?

Using Harvard's Green Office Program as a model, we can give ARC staff & faculty tools to make real environmental change

don reid

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Harvard's Green Office Program at ARC?

Green Office Program
presentation at
American River College Turn off computer monitors at night
Shut off the office lights when leaving
Print on both sides of the sheet
Recycle stuff What if we had all 1500+ employees at ARC on the same page? I believe most people want to be responsible with our resources & environment; but with no coordinated effort, we are all inventors of the wheel. why bother... Most of us understand that it's the small things we do that make a difference: Turning off computer monitors at night
Shutting off the office lights when leaving
Printing on both sides of the sheet
Recycling stuff With clear instructions from simple things, like a checklist... like a blog to
keep all the details organized
a facebook page
a YouTube channel
a Twitter account HOW? The tools are there for anyone to freely use:

Facebook Page to start the conversation and to document with photographs
Youtube channel to post and share video
Twitter to share your efforts with a broader audience and to keep people updated
Wiggio.com for transparent project management
Wordpress blog (or even an Ingeniux webpage) and internally recognizable awards to spark discussion/create competition based on Harvard's Green Office Program with permission from
Harvard Office of Sustainability Each 'leaf' checklist
would need to include clear steps and an application form for the participating office to go over and have people sign At Harvard, they use social networking tools to keep those interested up to date and recently posted on the
Los Rios Community College District
Sustainability Facebook page... new
language! and showcase the different departments level of achievments as well as the number of departments involved all in a way that interested people could subscribe to as well as like they are
using at CRC Some of
reasons... The one place at ARC charged with anything to do with Sustainability is
Building, Grounds & Safety Function #2 A solution should be fun & simple. It should instill competition & build community while celebrating our accomplishments. by the way, I asked the Harvard Office of Sustainability if it was ok to use their idea here, and they said no problem. All they required was that we gave them credit for the idea...seems fair to me.

Thanks for the great model HOS!
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