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International Business

No description

Kayla Costa

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of International Business

Should You Invest?
In trade there are no friends, nor are there enemies.
Why Portugal?
Trading With Portugal
Snapshot Of Portugal
Major Importing Partners
Major Exporting Partners
Portugal is a European country located right next to Spain

Portugal has a Maritime Climate

Portugal's official language is Portuguese

Portugal's population is approximately 10, 813, 834 (July 2014).
Thursday, January 15, 2015
Kayla Costa
Discovering The World
Portugal: A Great History
What Is Going On?
Portugal's Economy
International Business:
Location, Climate, Language, And Population
Portugal's Advantages And Competition
Competitive Advantage
Portugal's main industries are traditional

Products have a good reputation

Other countries have to compete with Portugal's reputation
The Reason Behind Choosing This Country
Any Special Connections Portugal?
Trade Agreements
The Do's And Taboo's
Business Practices
Funerals are formal.
Most Portuguese people are Catholic and religion is very important to them.
They are very welcoming and put in a lot of effort to make you feel at home. Showing your appreciation to them for their generosity is advised.

Greet everyone in the room upon arrival with a handshake or kisses on both cheeks.
If doing business, start with small talk and then bring up business.
Gifts are not seen as a bribe and are appreciated. (Wine, liquor, etc…)

Some Quirky Customs You Should Know
Culture And Customs
Time Perception:

Spatial Perception:

Non- Verbal Communication:

Doing Business With Portugal Can Get Risky
What's The Risk?
Portugal's Issues?
Global Business Ethics
What Kind Of Business To Open and When!
Industries On The Rise
Cork trees, Vineyards, Olive trees, etc...)
Clothing, Shoes, etc...
Some Extra Facts
International Business Portfolio
A Land Full Of Possibilities
Two of Portugal's Most Famous Landmarks
What Time Is It In Portugal?
Time Zones
President Anibal Cavaco Silva
Republican government
President Anibal Cavaco Silva.
He has been President since 2006
Portugal is part of the European Union
Theft and drugs make up for most crime
Two Of The Most Well Known Brands In Portugal
Popular Portuguese Brands
Monument to the Discoveries
One of the most important Catholic shrines in the world
It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary
Apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary appeared to three children
The last apparition happened on October 13th 1917
This day is known in the Catholic world as "the day the sun danced"
Located in Fatima, Portugal
81% of Portuguese citizens are Catholic (2011)
Statues of 32 cultural figures from the age of discoveries
Each statue has a symbol to represent their contribution
The age of discovery is an important time in Portugal's history
Located in Lisbon, Portugal
Canada (EST)
Portugal (WET)
Sagres® is a beer company that originated in Portugal. It is the 9th largest European beer exporter. It is now owned by Heineken®. Sagres® exports to a little over 40 countries around the world and has its own trade and marketing team.
TAP Portugal is an airline company that flies to 34 countries around the world. Their main hub is in Lisbon, the main gateway to Portugal. They have a total of 74 aircrafts and on average fly 2,250 times a week.
The 'Kingdom of Portugal' was formed in 1139 with Alfonso Henriques as their first King.
Portugal was very involved in the 14th century or, the Age of Discovery and Exploration.
They had colonies in South America, Africa, and the Far East. They had become a major power.
By the 20th century the power was beginning to dwindle. Antonio Salazar took place as the Prime Minister, but ruled more as a dictator.
In 1974, the military took over and made drastic democratic reforms including granting independence to all of Portugal's African Colonies.
Both of my parents moved from Portugal to Canada when they were younger. I thought doing my project on the country my parents and grandparents came from would be easier than any other country because I have visited it many times but the project also helped me learn more about Portugal.
-Emmanuel Strauss
5 Hour Time Difference
They are recovering from a financial crisis in 2008
GDP per capita (USD)
Unemployment rate
Average Household Income (USD)
$22,900 (2013)
16.8% (2013)
$12,834 (2011)
Spain - 32%

Germany - 11.5%

France - 6.7%
Spain - 22.7%

Germany - 12.4%

France - 11.9%
Top Exports
Top Imports
Agricultural Products
Chemical Products
Vehicles and other transport material
Computer Accessories
Oil Products
Food Products
Textile Materials
Base Metals
Semi-Conductors and related devices
Agricultural Products
Food Products
Oil Products
Chemical Products
Plastics and Rubber
Hides and Leather
Wood and Cork
Textile Materials
Clothing and footwear
Machinery and tools
Base Metals
The economy of Portugal is definitely it's weakest link, however, they are working with the EU to recover and rebuild their economy.
As mentioned Portugal's real estate is a great investment right now
Traditional industries are definitely the way to go for investors because they have a great reputation
Tourism is also a great investment
It is very profitable in the summer

Kayla Costa
Thank you for your Patience and Attention
1 Euro
1.40 Canadian Dollars
(Thursday, January 7th, 2015)
Portugal's Competitive Rank
Natural Resources
Cork Wood
What Products is Portugal Known For?
Olive Oil
Portugal has many transportation options; with airports, trains, and easy access to the ocean, it is easy to import and export items to or from the country.

Portugal does lack slightly in telecommunications
Portugal and NATO (1949)
Portugal other Trade Agreements
Portugal and the EU (1986)
World Trade Organization (1995)

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

World Bank Group (1961)

International Monetary Fund

United Nations (1955)

And Many More!
Stand about 1 foot apart
Handshakes and Hugs
Kisses on both cheeks
American 'Rock on' gesture; means your wife has been unfaithful
Business Cards, Gifts, and Business Attire
Business Customs
Business Cards:

Gift Giving:

Business Attire:
Beginning of the meeting
Introduce your business as you present the card
Sign of respect; not a bribe
Giving wine and other spirits is common; souvenirs from your country are also a good idea
Appearance is important
Jacket and tie for men; do not roll shirt sleeves
Skirt, dress, or dress pants for women, with a blouse


Portugal Day
Public Holidays
Portuguese is spoken in 9 different countries
The Language
My name is...
Até Logo
O meu nome é...
Main Holidays Celebrated in Portugal
New Year's Day

Labour Day (May 1st)

Freedom Day
The traditional industries have always strived in Portugal:
Tourism is great in the summer when people from all over come for Portugal's beautiful beaches and outdoor adventures, however it does slow down during the winter
University of Coimbra is 1 of the oldest in Europe
The oldest bookstore is in Lisbon, Portugal
Portugal is 108.42 times smaller than Canada
Real Estate is a great investment in Portugal

In Portugal you can buy low and sell high

There is also a lot of land available to build on

Once the economy recovers the land will be worth much more
Would you do business in Portugal?
Delicacy's in Portugal
$219.3 billion (2013)
Inflation Rate
0.4% (2013)
Portugal's Debt
$508.3 billion (Dec. 31st 2012)
Political Risk
Corrupt government
They have been found guilty of fraud, stealing money and taking other resources from their citizens
There is a history of riots, always non-violent
Economic Risk
1 of the wealthiest countries in the 15th to 18th centuries in Europe
In the 19th century they failed to invest in their domestic infrastructure
Their economy struggled until they joined the European Union in 1986
They are currently recovering from a recession in 2010
Technical/ Commercial Risk
There are no limits on the use of the internet, social media, or blocked sites in Portugal
Natural/ Physical Risk
Forest fires destroy the trees and can last for days
Ocean and tide are very dangerous
Environmental Issues
Air and water pollution
Environmental agencies
Ministry of Quality of Life
Secretary of State for the Environment
Endangered Species
Workplace Safety and Labour Issues
Minimum standards are set by the law; they are not really enforced
Only allowed to legally work for 10 hours per weekday and 2 hours overtime
Minimum working age is 16; often overlooked
Animal Testing Issues
The EU banned animal testing in March 2013
A vivarium (place for breeding animals for testing) was set to be built before the ban
The government canceled the construction because of pressure from animal rights activists
Human Rights
Constitutional democracy; free and fair elections
Police and Prison guards beat or abuse prisoners
Prisons are not very organized and very dangerous
Famous People from Portugal
Cristiano Ronaldo

Henry the Navigator

Vasco Da Gama
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